UCONN Professor goes ape during campus open air preaching.


This is the perfect example of how atheists have to bully everyone into believing what they believe. The professor tries to start a confrontation by getting up into the other guys face and invading what is known as another person’s personal space. Atheists are no interested in free speech of the individual, only if it’s free speech about what they believe.

What you see here is the perfect example of what also goes on the the classrooms of our colleges. If a Christian happens to be in the class he has 2 choices. One is to either sit quietly as the professor uses ridicule to counter what they believe, or speak up which ensures they will fail the class. Failing not because of their work on the subject they are taking, but for daring to come up against the professor’s ridicule of what they believe.

The evolution theory has become so weak as a theory that bullying, ridicule, removing of free speech etc…is the atheists only choice left to protect their slowly dying theory. Because if the professor really had mountains of evidence then why would the bullying etc… be needed. He could have just mowed the other guy over with science. But that’s never what we see is it?A_evolutionlieLike the example in the picture above, this is all atheists have left. No science here just ridicule, false accusations etc….
A_madatgodCan the professor logically explain why he is mad at the other guy in the video? Nope. But he’s mad at a being he claims does not exist. Makes perfect sense don’t it?Slide172One of the arguments the guy holding the sign brought up was the full title of Darwin’s book. It was later removed to hide the racist nature of the theory that was contained in it. The professors claim was that this was a reference to species in general which would mean Darwin had very bad grammar. But as you read his book you find that is not the case. Darwin knew what he was promoting when he used the term “Favored Races”, This is backed up by other racist comments he made and the racist crowd he hung with as the next examples show.Darwin_racist1Slide181Slide196If you are not racist you don;t make racist comments. You don’t name your book with a racist title. And you don;t hang out with outspoken racists and call them friends. Darwin did all these things. And because if the racist nature of his theory, it promoted racist actions against others such as human zoos. Displays to show how white man had evolved further than any of race of humans. Ironic a theory made up by outspoken racist white men could promote racism in others.Slide208Racism against Indians.Slide209Black people.ymago_exhibitions_a9_n52_3Human-originsOur museums promote racism through having black wax figures appear as lower evolved humans.human-zoo01Crowds looked down into human zoo displays. And there is more evidence of the racism that evolution promoted as well but we’ll stop here.

As the video on this page progresses, the professor is found surrounded by some atheists. In which he starts preaching the gospel of evolution. And then he does something that proves what we creationist have known all along about evolution. He praises Darwin by saying ” Praise Darwin” and gets the atheist crowd to repeat it. Then says Amen which is an ending to prayer. So they were praying praise to Darwin. Evolution is just a repackaged religion made to look like science.

Darwin was not the first to think up that man came from animals. This idea can be traced back to the very first pagan religions. All Darwin did was take that idea and make it sound like science, and sold it to the masses as science. But the bias for those who choose to believe in God does not stop there, Atheists groups picket creationists organization because one dared to step into their territory of actually having a museum.A_attack1And as you can see, using the same tactics as the professor they attempt to discredit the Christians with ridicule because their science is to weak.Part5_Evolution_Racism_Communism_Hitler.jpgSlide418Part5_Evolution_Racism_Communism_Hitler.jpgSlide419Slide31_Q_ASlide1132_Q_ABetween the bullying, ridicule, scare tactics, and protection of evolution from atheist organizations. The thing that has always been the atheist goal as shown in the pictures below can be achieved. Why do you think that only atheists are allowed to be considered scientists? A one sided bias group is needed to protect their beloved theory that justifies their disbelief in a God they claim does not exist.Slide71Slide138Slide87I find it ironic that as time goes on, everything creationists have been claiming about evolution is coming true by the action of the people who believe in it. We basically don;t have to make what sounds like empty accusations, we now show that by their own actions it is true, Evolution is a religion of the atheists.

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