Memes for creation against evolution

Memes that will help you in debate Evolutionists. They are informative, witty, and often funny. Here are just a few examples. They are free to use on the internet, and churches, sermons and other teaching formats. The memes where you see 2 of the same is where one is optimized for the internet (smaller file) and one is not. So the ones that are not paired you may want to check their quality before you display full screen before a crowd on your projection system.

I claim no copyrights to them and they fall under the fair use act.

Sorry, I just noticed the meme just above this has a misspelled word. It’s supposed to be partisan not pastisan.

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Evolution is a Lie FaceBook page

Evolution is a Lie FaceBook page is where I now post and debate. The posts on this page updates every 24 hours for each FB page listed here. So visit often to get the latest news from several creation ministries in one place. With the ability to also comment and debate. ~ Issac

Fossil Record easy to debunk

Debunking the fossil record supporting evolution is easy to do.How? Time has no sorting mechanism to it. So all one…

Can’t have evolution without a first cause.The reason atheists try to separate abiogenesis and evolution is…

This is what “no absolutes” philosophy allows.A huge grey area between truth and lies that allows a lie to sound true…

Can’t observe evolution to the point atheists claimed it happened unless you have a time machine.I was going to watch…

Is science extremely bias?

Ever wonder why atheists always say:

1) Where is your creation evidence?
2) There is no creation evidence?
3) Get you creation evidence approved of by science?
4) Show us your peer reviews?

It’s because atheists run and control science. Which means science also has an atheist agenda. This agenda is to disprove God or at least keep the idea at bay. Above is a picture I made up that best explains this. Shows how science works today (bias) to protect the theory (evolution) that best fits the atheist agenda. And shows how science should work (non bias) if science were run with no agenda. It’s quite an eye opener. This is what atheists don’t want you to realize because this totally discredits science and all that they do. That’s because bias is not science and this clearly shows bias in it’s most extreme form exists. How extreme can this bias be?

Lucy, is she really near human?

There really was not much to go on with the Lucy find. But as usual, evolutionists were willing to make assumptions based on zero evidence. Did Lucy have fully formed human feet and hands? What do you see in the evidence above that would indicate either? Nothing right? But the St Louis Zoo does not think so. They had a wax figure made for display of what Lucy supposedly looked like from the evidence found. And guess what? The wax figure had fully formed human hands and feet. Basically depicting what was not even there. Here are a couple of pictures of the wax figure.

Dr. David Menton (in the videos below) talks about why Lucy has been given human hands and feet and why this is wrong. It is another example of how evolutionists will make the evidence “conform” to the theory. This is what happens in science when a theory is deemed as a true proven fact. But doing this makes the theory unflasifiable, and therefore no longer a theory.

When evolution evidence is exposed as a fraud, the justification that evolutionist use is that another evolutionist exposed it. Showing that science is about self correction. The truth be told, only another evolutionist can correct another evolutionist. And even that is hard to accomplish because evolutionists never like to admit being wrong. I first exposed this deception on Saturday, May 12, 2007. Now if it comes up as a fraud, watch who gets credit for exposing this.

You see to allow a creationist to correct an evolutionist is to give creation credibility. A evolutionist would rather die a horrible death than to do this because creation and the Creator are their worst enemy. So it will never happen. So when a evolutionist boasts about it was another evolutionist that exposed a fraud, just remind them that only another evolutionist can correct another evolutionist. And they cannot prove otherwise because throughout evolution history, it has always been this way. So I guess you could say that this would be the direct definition of “self” correcting. Because only those who think as they do can correct them. It’s an oxymoron to use deception to try and prove a supposed true proven fact.