*Supposed* hate speech. They call anything Christian hate speech.

FaceBook has been censoring Christians and Conservatives for some time now. And as long as they can get away with it they get bolder with each thing they do. To ban a huge Christian figure like Franklin Graham is testing the waters to ban all Christians. Since removing Alex Jones from all Social Media and getting away with doing that. All liberal social media has decided to become bolder in their censorship. I’m, right now, as of 1-15-2019 am banned from FaceBook for 30 days for posting a picture of a 10 year old girl, on stage with a naked transsexual. The naked parts were covered up. Something that has gone viral on all social media including FaceBook but I was the one who gets into trouble.

I am in the process of building a Forum (link) on this issue that will allow people to post their experiences with censorship concerning Social Media.  It should be completed in a week or two.  And you can login using your FaceBook account. Even if you are in FB jail.

All pictures on this page link to videos when you click on them.

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Our public school are in serious trouble.

Atheists try and tell us that their way of teaching will make our educational system a utopia. But that is not what we observe. Between school shootings, teachers getting bullied, beat up and even raped. The utopia promised was not delivered. I say hold them accountable and put God back into schools.

Below are a few videos of teachers either complaining, or have quit because of what goes on in our schools everyday.


And speaking about teaching. Look at how the atheists teach supposed truth?

This supposed science book uses Weasel Words 2,383 times. Weasel words are words used to not commit 100% to what’s being said or claimed about said subject. What are they not committing to? Their claims that evolution is a true proven fact. You see if you commit to something being true and proven, then you also commit to if it’s proven wrong, then you are wrong. Not committing means no one can actually challenge what you claim, therefore what you claim is not falsifiable. Every theory in science must be falsifiable or it’s not science.

Who wants to eat meat grown in a lab aka Clean Meat?

Yep that’s right. In sciences attempt to be God like, and make all the money (the love of money is the root of all evil), they want to completely replace the food industry and take complete control of the human race.

He who controls the world’s food supplies controls the life that lives on that world. I suspect it will eventually become illegal to use animals for meat forcing man to only eat what science grows for them. Science has already genetically altered most all plant life to control all food that comes from plants.

Even to the point that because some genetically altered plants are so different from the original plant that it’s considered an invention that can protected under laws that give the inventor sole rights to:

1) Who grows it.
2) Where the seeds are sold.
3) Who can buy the seeds.
4) If said seeds blow onto other farm lands and grows, they can be sued.
5) How the food is sold in stores.
6) And these designer plants are often even made to only work with certain fertilizers and pesticides to ensure that the inventor maintains a monopoly on the whole process.

So here’s the attempt to control the meat part of food production. Pass a few laws, give the science that did this inventor rights, and you have sole production and sole control over the whole world’s food supplies.

This is the precursor to what the Bible deems as not being able to buy or sell unless you receive the mark of the beast. World control is how a one world government works. So science is setting up the world for the anti-christ to control.

When atheist promotes no moral absolutes, what does one expect the utopia to be like?

They must tell lies about the opposing side to make their own side look better.