Literal 6 Day Creation

Read only forum creation information

This is a read only forum for now. It is embedded into the WordPress program and runs off the WordPress database. It is still under construction and information is still going up. I estimate it will take 6 months to get most all of it up. I have been in ministry for 25 years now defending creation against evolution. So this forum will be based on 25 years experience running the ministry, debating atheists, and the over 1 thousand memes I have made and collected over the years. When I am done putting up the information I will open the forum to commenting, debating etc…

You can use any of the information here, and the memes you see. I make no claims to them And because this site is used to educate, all information falls under the Fair Use Act ~ Issac Bourne

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Memes for defending Creation.

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