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Professor defends evolution and uses several fallacies


Learning how to debate an atheist often requires learning their tactics. Below I will list the tactics and provide some memes that can be used to combat them when you run into them while debating.

1) The girl mentioned what Darwin said in his book. So the professor does not like what he hears so he denies this was said. This tactic is called: Destroying the messenger in order to destroy the message so you don’t really have to address the message to the degree that they should.

2) He questions the claim that evolution is just a theory. Another atheist tactic which is called Semantics aka a Play on words. The problem with semantics using the word theory is that a theory is neither a truth or a lie. This is because with a theory nothing has to be absolute. And you cannot define what a truth is of a lie because to have either without absolutes is a oxymoron.

3) Comparing several theory that everyone can “see”, observe and can be repeated daily along with it’s effects, to another that over 99% cannot be seen due to time constraints. Example: Gravitational and germ theory. The 2 do not compare to evolution because the claims made about evolution are in the 10’s of thousands. While the other theories have less then fifty and do not have the same problem of no observation due to time constraints.

Evolution is more comparable to theories like the Big Bang, abiopgenesis etc… Which also have a lot of assuming, and a problem with no observation due to time constraints. And does not require someone defending it to use what’s known as a divine fallacy. Where you want something to be true so bad, that you;ll compare it to something that is, then claim that these 2 things are the same. This one has several fallacies that apply.

4) The evolution is a fact not a theory claim. Facts require truth. And truth requires absolutes and observational evidence where the claims made can be observed. Example: If you dig up a bone and date it. Then observe it and make claims to what it is. That;s about all there is to observe.

But when you claim that it evolved, ate certain foods, lived a certain way etc… You then make the evidence and claims a interpretation. And you can’t prove or observe a interpretation. Because if you could, the interpretation would not be needed.

5) Next he is referring to experts as if experts are infallible. That’s another fallacy. And he is using partisan sources as well.

Here is a video that demonstrates how biased atheists are. It does not matter how educated you are, the only evidence you are allowed to find is evidence that supports evolution. Not only did the guy below find creation evidence, but he got published on it and was fired for it.


6) Now he goes into a salesman rant. Where he using the argument that because the smartest and very best people in science agree and research all this, that this makes it all true. Well the question I would ask is: Are they all atheists? Of course he will say: Christians are allowed in science. Which I would respond: In the ratio of 99% compared to 1% right? And when do they get to talk about their beliefs in science, and when is this ever approved of?

6) The critical argument. LOL, I laugh every time I hear it. Oh we are so critical on ourselves. Nope, if you were critical you would have a panel of non-biased people making sure decisions were not based on the majorities worldviews of the evolutionist group which is 99% atheists. And you would also allow several ideas to run along side of evolution in competition to keep tabs on all claims.

But instead only one theory is allowed to run the race, and only one theory is allowed to win the race.

If evolution were the name of a horse in a horse race. It would be the only one allowed in the starting gates, the only one allowed to run the race, which would always insure it to be the only one allowed to win and never be beaten. And that how evolution is allowed to be top dog theory because nothing is allowed to challenge it because nothing is allowed to be researched that would ever challenge it? If you disagree, send me a message and name 10 things allowed to Challenge evolution. It should be easy if evolution were falsifiable like all theories are supposed to be< I;ll post the list on this page if any atheist can come up with it.

7) Then he goes into the human skull evolution idea. As if the skull alone explains the whole body aka how it looked and how evolved the human was aka a whole bunch of assuming. But skulls proving evolution is easily debunked. Picture below shows how.

Yep, it’s just that easy. If I dug up graves at a crematory I bet I could line up some skulls of all those humans and find some that make it look like we evolved from primate, to human. Yet they would all be human skulls but that does not matter does it?

Debating atheists is a mind and word game more than an evidence game. You have to learn how to play if you want to keep up. Learn what all the fallacies are, learn the tricks and tactics. Learn how to expose and combat extreme biases.

Proof that Climate Change and Global Warming is nothing more than money scams.

Here is one of the mechanics I listen to on YouTube because I used to repair cars for a living.

He says the new Freon to replace the 134a which is what currently goes into car AC systems has several disadvantages:

1) It’s flammable unlike the 134a. Which means in accidents it can cause a better chance of a person being blown to bits or burned up.
2) When it burns it creates very toxic fumes.
3) It will be so expensive to fix it will almost cost as much as a good used car
4) Your mechanic will have to buy all new equipment costing 10’s of thousands of dollars to service this type of AC that to make up for his loss he’ll have to charge so much more it will make your head spin.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Follow the money!!!


The immortal jelly fish. Infinite lives

Why not have the goal of evolution to evolve immortal life instead of survival of the fittest?


An Ancient Virus May Be Responsible for Human Consciousness

Science now claims a virus may have caused our minds to work. Anything they can think of in their minds to where they do not have to believe in God.

Live Science

Dinosaur mummified guts included.

Dinosaur mummified complete with skin, soft tissue, blood cells and guts! This was found in 2011 in Canada and took them 7 years to release the information because this totally destroys evolution and it’s timeline. Why else hold the information this long when everything else is released right away. It’s not like it’s some type of top secret project. But evolutionist need to save face.


So how much more is it going to take evolutionists?

1) We have over 100 living fossil found. All show no change aka no evolution even from the oldest time era. Here are just a few to give you an idea.

2) Then we have dinosaur blood and soft tissue that been found 20+ times.


3) We now have the Inca burial stone also known as the Ica stones proven. This is because after the stones were found, the skin for the dinosaurs were found and they confirm the drawings of what was on the dinosaurs. It turned out to be natural skin armor.

4) Evidence that dinosaurs and humans lived together.

5) Evidence that things claimed to takes millions of years to form does not take that long. Because human artifacts are found in them. Such as coal.

About Page

Nearly 25 years in ministry defending creation against evolution. High school grad. 3 years diesel mechanics, 2 years auto-body and painting, 1 year sheet metal and 1 year welding. 2 courses in lubrication and oil filtration. Taught courses on oil filtration and lubrication.

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Climate change, what they won’t tell you.

Click image to read

Well let’s see. Is Al Gore fixing to announce his brand of climate change beer? Are beer companies fixing to start donating a percentage or profits from sells climate change groups? Are posters fixing to get made that instead of saying: Save the Polar Bear, to say instead: Save our beer? So what’s the picture going to be? A beer can exploding in the hot desert sun? A beer can taking a ride on an iceberg? Or maybe a Polar Beer ripping one open because he’s starving to death?

So when you guys going to figure out that this is all a joke played on you to take your money? Oh, and your beer LOL.

The other day I explained how melting icebergs will not be adding to the volume of water worldwide. I did a meme to give the visual example of what I was talking about.

Now seeing this who do you think would have been the one who did this because He had made a promise to never flood the earth again after Noah’s flood? God did this. And to this day scientists do not really understand why water expands when it freezes while everything else contracts.

Secrets of Climate Change part 2. What they won’t tell you.

Sunlight only penetrates water so far. So the heating effect of the sun will always remain in the same upper area because only that portion of the oceans can be heated period (laws of physics). And the raising of ocean level has zero effect on this. But the raising of the ocean levels does increase the volume area that the sun cannot reach therefore cannot heated by it’s rays.

So the area that stays cold due to the sun rays not being able to reach it increases, while the area of depth that can be reached by the sun’s rays always stays the same. Equaling more cold water not less.

Example: If all the ice melts and the ocean level increases the area by 500 feet but what the sun penetrates remains the same (laws of physics do not change on this). The area that the sun “cannot” penetrate increases, which increases the cold water is worldwide. So water ocean levels rising increases the cold water in the oceans not the hot. This in effect cools our oceans not increase the heat.

The moon pulling on the oceans mixing the cooler waters with the warmer waters would defeat the purpose of warmer water being a problem because now there is “more colder water” to mix with the hotter water.

Secrets of Climate Change part 3. What they won’t tell you.

As ice bergs melt and land gets covered with water. The surface area of the water increases which also increases the available surface area that the sun can evaporate. More moisture means more clouds, more clouds means more of the sun’s rays being reflected back into space = earth cooling back down.

Rain from the colder upper atmosphere from these extra clouds also helps the heat transfer rate from the planet to space ratio. So this triggers 2 cooling effects on the planet.

Climate Change part 4. What they won’t tell you.

Climate change part 5, what they won’t tell you.

Plankton can make clouds. When it gets too hot, plankton produce a chemical that floats on the water which increases absorption of the sun’s warming rays. This heats up the surface water to increase the percentage of evaporation to make clouds.

When the chemical itself evaporates and helps make the cloud. The cloud actually has a really white color to it which reflects even more of the sun into space. So God made little creatures to help stop global warming. Google: plankton make clouds and read all about it.

Even NASA has a few pages on this and there are even satellites that track this because this ability can change the weather in a huge area.

Climate Change part 6, what they won’t tell you.

Climate Change extremists like to make claims about things like this hoping you won;t go look it up. Well I did and this is what I found.


Drag Queen Teaches School Children

The atheist utopia of removing God from our schools has resulted in these things.

1) Drag Queens teaching out children.

2) Pedophilia becoming a *sexual orientation* so our children can be raped and it’s legal.

3) Children in schools having more rights than the teachers which results in teachers getting beat up and even raped.

4) Teachers getting raped and beat up.

5) School shootings.

All pictures on this page are videos. Just click the pic and it plays.


Drag queen teaches children

TEDx promoting pedophilia becoming a sexual orientation = special rights

Teachers quit because students beat and rape them

Drag queen performs onstage in a g-string to elementary kids

Teachers quit because students beat and rape them


School shootings

The atheist logic is below. Teaching about God or Creation is child abuse, but the things above is what they claim are a better replacement? What a joke.


Creationism is child abuse

Creationism = taliban child abuse

Creationism = child abuse

Creationism not appropriate for children