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Speed of light is no longer a constant

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The reason it has been claimed for years that the speed of light is constant is because this idea supports the deep time required to make Big Bang and Evolution work. Without it it’s less proof that there is evidence for this. So science hid for the longest that they knew the speed of light was not constant and never was.

Reference: New Scientist

Physicists freeze the motion of light for one whole minute.


Speed of light slowed

Reference: BBC News

Speed of light no longer constant

Reference: Live Science

This makes light years wrong, the distant of stars and planets base on the speed of light wrong. Every theory and paper written using this idea that the speed of light is constant wrong.

Octopus defies evolution

Evolution is about change in order to survive. correct? Then what was the octopus evolving blue blood (copper base instead of iron base), 9 brains and 3 hearts for to require a type of survival that it needed?

There is a reason the octopus never comes up on evolution websites is because evolution cannot begin to even explain all this. If evolution did this then here are the questions that need to be answered.

1) Every other animal on this planet has iron based blood (red blood). So why would the octopus evolve a copper base blood (blue blood), and what are the advantages of this and why was it needed for the octopus to survive and can you prove this?

2) 9 brains? Really? So what would make this the only creature that requires 9 brains, and what advantage for survival would 9 brain give it?

3) 3 hearts? Really? Maybe you think that it’s because for some reason this is required to flow more blood? A whale would benefit from multiple hearts because it’s so big but it only has one. It may be as big as a golf cart and weight 400 pounds but that one heart gets the job done. So what in the survival process made this a requirement to survive?

Why atheists cuss during debates

The main reason atheists get mad during a debate about evolution is because of their frustrations when we make a point they cannot refute, and it makes them face the reality that what they believe is really a lie. Proof? Out of all the claims made about evolution from a single cell to all that we see, less then 1% is actually observable. And the reason for this is time constraints. To observe the 99%, one would have to have a time machine.

The *claimed* Tree of Life is nothing more than an interpretation of the evidence. There is *zero* observation because of time constraints. That makes the drawing more of an opinion than fact. And because on evolutionists are allowed to:

1) Dig up the evidence.
2) Interpret the evidence.
3) Peer review the evidence.
4) Make any conclusion concerning the evidence.

It makes the evidence not only unobserved due to time constraints, but extremely bias considering that those who already believe that it’s a true proven fact are the only ones allowed to do any work concerning the theory

And the proof that this goes well beyond science, is that atheists use it to support their worldviews and agendas, which makes the theory personal, which ensures there will *always be bias* concerning it. The only way one can approach either idea (creation or evolution) from a non-biased stand point is to:

1) Remove the theist from creation.
2) Remove the atheist from evolution.

In this way the evidence for both ideas stand on it’s own, and can be tested on it’s merits alone which 100% supports what the scientific method is all about. The question is: Who would be willing to do this, and would both sides accept the conclusions?

As one atheist said, that I brought this up to: You ask the impossible. No one can become that neutral to the subject, no one… Was he saying this because it’s true, or because he’s unwilling to give up his biases because he knows the outcome would not be in his favor?

Now do I say that because I am bias towards what I believe? Nope. After 25 years of debating atheists on the subject of C vs. E, one thing I have found is that if you are truly searching for truth. You have to consider everything. And be willing to step back from you belief and say: Prove what you claim, and I’ll convert right here right now. And I have done this on several occasions much to the surprise of my debate opponents who then say: Even if I did prove it you’d still reject it.

To which I respond: Then prove it and let’s see. Go get as many people as you need to do this and return and let’s see who’s really bias. And they never do. They either leave, call me names etc…. But the challenge is never ever met. That is because the challenge is a put up or shut up type challenge. And because people are not really looking for truth from either side to any degree, because they have made their belief personal. They cannot accept being wrong.

The perfect example is this episode of friends where Ross and Pheobe have an argument over the subject of evolution. And Ross cannot accept that Pheobe has a different opinion and that he might be wrong.

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A restored relationship with our Heavenly Father.

I am alive and save because of His Resurrection through my faith in Him.

The power to live a godly life.

Even though we are dead, yet shall we live! His mercy endures forever!! Hallelujah 🙏

For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

forgiveness each day

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

We have the power of resurrection within us. The God who raised Christ gave us his spirit. Now we will no longer die, but sleep. And we have AUTHORITY over sickness and death. We can heal the sick and raise the dead by his spirit 🙏

He conquered death! Those of us who are in Him will have eternal life and are saved from the consequences of sin which is the second death, eternity in Hell! Thank you Lord Jesus for your amazing gift! For your mercy and your grace! Thank you for your love!

Like Paul says, without the resurrection our faith is futile, it’s a waste just like any other false religion or belief. Jesus conquering death has opened the gates of Heaven wide open for those of us who not only recognize and accept His death but believing in His resurrection!

That we no longer live a life for the vanity of self but to live this life for the One who lived as a man, died as a man in our place, and rose again as the God who was, is, and always will be, to justify many. 2 Corinthians 5:13–15 (NKJV): 13 For if we are beside ourselves, it is for God; or if we are of sound mind, it is for you. 14 For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died; 15 and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again.

EVERYTHING. Because of His resurrection, we know we shall also be resurrected. Because of His resurrection, we have resurrection life even now. That means, not only are we forgiven, but we have power over sin in our own lives.

It means....EVERYTHING. Without the resurrection, life means nothing.

It means everything! Particularly...hope in Heaven.

La Resurrección que Nos Salva de Nosotros Mismos, cómo vivir más allá de mi imperfección. Dios hace mucho más por nosotros a través de la muerte y la resurrección de Jesús. Èl reemplaza nuestra Imperfecciòn..

Freedom from sin and shame

Confidence in my future


Only thing that makes me wake up every morning

Makes my life worth living.

Our future and those that we shall see again.

The resurrection confirmed the finished work of the cross. Anchoring your faith in Christ & Him Crucified daily Luke 9:23 will make Romans 8:2 a reality in your life. Just as we could not save ourselves we also cannot sanctify ourselves,it is ALL of God & we appropriate His victory to our lives by faith

Christ’s resurrection assures us that we too will one day be resurrected.

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1 Corinthians 15:1-4 Now, brothers and sisters, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand. 2 By this gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain. 3 For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance : that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures,

All of Scripture and our faith is worthless without the resurrection, to paraphrase Paul. The virgin birth and the crucifixion are footnotes in history at best.

More so, if He didn't rise then what did it matter. It's His resurrection that is significant. Good Friday is only good because of resurrection Sunday.

He is risen!

1 Peter 3:21 Corresponding to that, baptism now saves you—not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an appeal to God for a good conscience—through the RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ,

ICR I need one more favour!

Thankful for both!

Everyone dies, not everyone is resurrected. I speak only of the resurrection and then explain why he had to die.

He arose why I believe He arose The credit due to the testimony of witnesses depends upon, first their honesty; second their ability; third their number and the consistency of their testimony; fourth the conformity of their testimony with experience, and fifth the consistency of their testimony with collateral circumstances. Let the Evangelists [Matthew, Mark, Luke and John] be tried by these tests. First to their honesty. Here they are entitled to the benefits of the general course of human experience, that men ordinarily speak the truth when they have no prevailing motive or inducement to the contrary. This presumption is applied in courts of justice, even to witnesses whose integrity is not wholly free from suspicion; much more is it applicable to the Evangelists, whose testimony went against all their worldly interests. The great truths which the apostles declared were that Christ had risen from the dead and that only through repentance from sin and faith in him could men hope for salvation. This doctrine they asserted with one voice everywhere, not only under the greatest discouragements, but also in face of the most appalling terrors presented in the mind of man. Their Master had recently perished as a malefactor by sentence of a public tribunal. His religion sought to overthrow the religions of the whole world. The laws of every country were against the teaching of his disciples. Interests and fashions of all the rulers and great men in the world were against them. Propagating this faith, even in the most inoffensive and peaceful manner, they could expect nothing but contempt and opposition, revilings, bitter persecutions, stripes, imprisonment, torments and cruel deaths. Yet this faith they zealously did propagate; and all these miseries they endured undismayed, nay, rejoicing. One after another was put to a miserable death; the survivors only prosecuted their work with increased vigor and resolution. The annals of military warfare afford scarcely an example of the like heroic consistency, patience and unclenching courage. They had every possible motive to review carefully the grounds of their faith, and evidences of the great truths which they asserted; and these motives were pressed upon their attentions with the most melancholy and terrific frequency. It was therefore impossible that they could have persisted in affirming the truths they narrated, had not Jesus actually risen from the dead, and had they not known this fact as certainly as they knew any other fact. If it were morally possible for them to have been deceived in this matter, every human motive operated to lead them to discover and disavow their error. To have persisted in so gross a falsehood, after it was known to them was, not only to encounter, for life, all the evils which men could inflict from without, but to endure also the pangs of inward and conscious guilt, with no hope of future peace, no expectation of honour or esteem among men, no hope of happiness in this life or in the world to come. Such conduct in the apostles would, moreover, have been utterly irreconcilable with the fact that they possessed the ordinary constitution of our common nature. Yet their lives do show them to have been men like all others in our race; swayed by the same motives, animated by the same joys, subdued by the same sorrows, agitated by the same fears, and subject to the same passions, temptations and infirmities as ourselves. And their writings show them to have been men of various understandings [IQ's]. If then their testimonies were not true, there was no possible motive for this fabrication. It would have been irreconcilable with the fact that they were good men. But it is impossible to read their writings and not feel that we are conversing with men eminently holy, and of tender consciences, with men acting under an abiding sense of the presence and omniscience of God, and of their accountability to him, living in His fear and walking in His ways. Now, though in a single instance, a good man may fall when under strong temptation, yet he is not found for years persisting in deliberate falsehoods, asserted with the most solemn appeals to God, without the slightest temptation or motive, and against all opposing interests which reign in the human breast. If, on the contrary, they are supposed to have been bad men, it is incredible that such men should have chosen this form of imposture, enjoining, as it does, unfeigned repentance, the utter forsaking and abhorrence of all falsehood and every other sin, the practice of daily self-denial, self-abasement and self-sacrifice, the crucifixion of the flesh with all its earthly appetites and desires, indifference to the honour and hearty contempt of the vanities of the world; and inculcating perfect purity of heart and life and intercourse of the soul with heaven. It is incredible that bad men should invent falsehood to promote the religion of the God of truth. The supposition is suicidal. If they believed in the future state of retribution, a heaven and a hell thereafter, they took the most certain course, if false witnesses, to secure the latter for their portion. And if, still being bad men, they did not believe in the future punishment, how came they to invent falsehoods, the direct and certain tendency of which was to destroy all their prospects of worldly honour and happiness and to insure their misery in this life? From these absurdities there is no escape but in the perfect conviction and admission that they were good men, testifying to that which they had carefully observed and considered and well knew to be true. Knowing these facts to be true and knowing "Christ died for the ungodly" I now admit that I am a sinner, turn from my sin, accept Jesus as my savior and, with his help, I intend to confess him before men. By Simon Greenleaf, world-renowned authority on the laws of evidence!

It is one of the big points of it...He came back to life and made sure all the right people saw Him. Who want's to remember His murder? I don't care for the cross symbol much either.

The death & resurection is everything



Rom 4:25 Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.

The resurrection confirmed the finished work of the cross. Anchoring your faith in Christ & Him Crucified daily Luke 9:23 will make Romans 8:2 a reality in your life. Just as we could not save ourselves we also cannot sanctify ourselves,it is ALL of God & we appropriate His victory to our lives by faith in Christ & Him Crucified alone!

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Happy Resurrection Day Sir. Keep up the good work you do!!!!!!!

Amen! We can only become alive when the source of all life affects us! And when we determine to surrender spiritually to our Savior, we are reborn into eternal life with Him! PTL!


Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down ones life for his friends. (John 15:13)

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Amen Amen Amen Hallelujah🙏

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

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Happy passover. The cross was our blood on the door post. Jesus was the Lamb. G-D did what he asked Abraham to do with Isaac. In Genisis 22 Verse 2 Then G-d said, "Take your son, your only son, whom you love-Isaac-and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you." They take a Donkey; Verse 3 Daniel 9:24-25 gives us the day he would come on a donkey. Zechariah 9:9. In Genisis 22 Verse 6 Abraham took the wood for the burnt offering and placed it on his son Isaac, and he himself carried the fire and the knife. As the two of them went on together, John 19:17 Carrying his own cross, he went out to the place of the Skull (which in Aramaic is called Golgotha). Genesis 22:13 Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram caught by its horns (head). John 19:2 The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head. They clothed him in a purple robe Barabbas (meaning "son of the father") was the Scapegoat in Leviticus 16. King David getting chased by Saul of the tribe of Benjamin. Jesus getting persecuted by Saul of the tribe of Benjamin. And one was oppressing the Kingdom and the other Saul Promoting the kingdom. Joseph going to Egypt to preserve his family, Jesus going to Egypt saves his life only to later preserve us. Adam born of a miracle filled with G-ds Spirit, Jesus born of a miracle filled with G-d Spirit.

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“Now after the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to look at the grave.” - Matthew 28:1


What a powerful song and voice... God is good to bless us today with this!!! Thank you Jesus, Hallelujah to the King of kings

Thank You! Praise God Christ is risen indeed!

Great service this morning at the conference center...Ray Comfort was exceptional!

Praying for each participant in this event — that every ONE believes in Christ as their Personal Lord & Savior, asks/ invites, welcomes & receives His Holy Spirit’s indwelling, & allows His flowing through/to everyone around them (us)... XOXO 💝💜💚 Happy RESURRECTION day!!! Because HE LIVES, we can face tomorrow; let’s shout it on the mountains! 🥰 ❤️in Christ 😍🤩

Ray Comfort; Wonderful reminder: joy comes from Jesus as our Lord / Savior, and He delivers us (His Saints) from the wrath against sin, to come. Halleleuiah! Thank You, Lord Jesus!

He is Risen! God bless you all at Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter!

This is message is wonderful! Praise God! Lancaster, Oh. USA

Great Service!

He has risen! Hallelujah! 🙏🏻✝️♥️

I love the joyful way the hymns were done!! 🙌🏼 Thank you!!

Watching from the Philippines. We just finished our Resurrection Sunday Service here.

We serve a Risen Savior, Christ the King! Hallelujah ✝️

Thanks so much for broadcasting this.

Great service

Amen! Christ Jesus is Risen Indeed!!

we had our sunrise service this morning, as we are in australia and it is held outside with the sunrising while the service is on, and Ken Ham was here at our church just recently

So blessed to be here!

He has already risen. On the Sabbath

It was an amazing service!

Fantastic service AiG!! Watching from Wollongong, Australia! 😀 ✝️👍📖

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Welcome all! Stage camera goes live in two minutes.

We plan to be live in three minutes

Abortion must be abolished.

Hello from northwestern PA!!

Great job to all you hard workers behind the scenes!

They trust Snopes!?

Why does the Notification say LIVE with Trump?

We handed out those at a university in Florida. AMBA

Hi Ken from Ken

This won't complete loading on my phone.

Good job, Ray 👍🏻

Hello from central Illinois.

Wow. That was wonderful.


The parrot 😂😂

God uses everything


Hello from Canada. Middle of North America.

How does he do it? Amazing talent

The fool says there is no God.

Comment on Facebook

Hi from Canada. Great impersonations!!😊

I know John Cleese very well I love Monty Python.

Here in Australia I've been loving the conference speakers.

The Ken & Ben Show!

Argh cartoon

Hi from NYC

Hi from Fallston, Maryland

Love Mr. Price. You too Ken. 😄

Or oh cartoon

So long as he is not between you and loos on bad day wanting to know if you are saved you are fine 🙂

Yeah ! Ray comfort!

Asleep probably

Remake ?


I dated an Amish girl once. The problem was I never knew whether I was at a romantic dinner or just a normal candlelight dinner.

He stole my name😮

Trump 2020!

Making fun of trump... lame..

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Good bye all!

Hi,from New Zealand

The secular world is unified. The Church needs to be unified on the Word of God! Yes, Amen! Don’t be afraid Church.

We had reservations but, I am not attending due to the death of my father this week

Thank you for standing on the Word of God. Keep up the good work!.

Wow! Worship with the talented Michael O’Brien! Beautiful

G'day and Happy Resurrection Sunday, Ps Ken and all at AiG!

As a Christian I am confident in what God's word says.

Watching from western New York!

Worldview is key!

I love the part where Bill Nye says he's a martian

Watching from Alaska.

Daniel Covington I can see you doing this because not only do you have the same gift but a hungering heart for God

Bianca McNamara





So Noah lived in a land rich in timber; any idea where that might have been?

You can probably give credit to the name it and claim it Faith Healers and all the speaking in tongues people who create Mass confusion.

He also said I encourage you to go to college where they can brainwash you and get you to doubt there is a God.

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Such a great session yesterday with Ray Comfort and Dr. Faulkner. Godly men using their gifts to the glory of God!

Excellent talk brother Comfort. I pray for God’s Holy Spirit to draw lost ones to Jesus Christ.

God ways are not our ways. God uses his own suffering to save us from eternal suffering.

Perfect for Easter, “Ham and Comfort”😄

FromPA, Thanks

Happy Saturday all 🕊🇺🇸

Problem with Atheists/Agnostics/even Deists is that they are trying to prove a negative and we are attempting to do the opposite and neither are possible thanks to G-ds plan..IF there is a real living Almighty G-d (and I firmly believe that there is) and assuming He is prescient, omnipotent, omnipresent, etc. Would He also not have the power to mask any evidence of His existence in order to perpetuate His plan of choice thru FAITH only?? Shalom

4’17” good answer lol 😂

Where in Acts 17:22-31 did Paul use the Law to preach the gospel? Not saying it's a terrible idea but to take one method and try and declare it as the only method is a little foolish

Wow it just happened and there’s already been 14k views

What a blessing but the bus 🚌 driver lost his job 😊

Evolution was invented to destroy the God of the Bible as Creator, Savior and ultimate Judge.


Love Ray's witness!

Marcus McClain Paul presents to them that they are in Idolatry. First commandment.

Amen, amen and AMEN again!!!

Evolution does nothing to God... it destroys men and women and children by robbing them of faith in the Word of God

Fox & Friends
This Easter Weekend Todd Piro takes us behind the scenes of the Ark Encounter, a life-sized replication of Noah’s Ark
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We went during its first 40 days of operation. What a sight


Renee Proctor you should take the kids here. Imagine jakey 🤭

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Ark Encounter Video

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The spectacular miracle of the resurrection confirmed that Jesus Christ was exactly who he claimed to be: the Son of God!

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Marcia Mills

Yes!! Amen!!

Carpentry on the ark may have been required for repairs.

Comment on Facebook

Speculation only....Noah and his sons spent 100 years building the ark.... I'm guessing it was pretty solid, but yes, repairs were possibly needed, though it is not mentioned in the Bible.

They all look so real to!!

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I can’t wait to see it, it looks beautiful ❤️

Watching from Luquillo, Puerto Rico.

Hi Ken. Hello to Mally.

Jim Jefferies rocks too.

Fox & Friends
This Easter Weekend Todd Piro takes us behind the scenes of the Ark Encounter, a life-sized replication of Noah’s Ark
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Megan Fisk Nicole Hoffman

3 weeks from today and me and my friends are on our way! I am so excited!

Morgan Williams

I'm so excited to visit from Australia in July!

Are you open tomorrow?

Christian Business Ventures promotes The Ark Encounter !

Have gone through it once but going again in Oct and can hardly wait.

I think you forgot to mention that you paid Fox to do this segment.

The Ark Encounter is fantastic. Well worth the trip from Florida.

I love going there it's a must see !

Gloria Sides

Do you ever have discounted days? We would love to experience this but just can’t bring myself to spending the more than $150.00 to bring my family there?

How wonderful

Trent & Tshanina, Dalton would absolutely love this!

I really want to go John Albrecht

Kristal Lynn like to take Malachi when he’s older

Debbie Braden we need to take a road trip

Nick Mitchell take me!!

Was Noah black or white? If white then there shiuld only be white peeps on earth, same if they were all black as the earth got flooded? Please explain

Its nice to take a stroll around the Ark Encounter.

Comment on Facebook

We were so impressed with the landscaping last summer! Excellent job.

If you have the opportunity, make it a point to visit both the Ark Encounter and its sister venue, the Creation Museum. You won't regret making the trip!

Hoping to be there in the summer

Hoping to get there,this summer. What is the entrance fee?

I want to go back this summer🐆🐃🐒🐿🐫

It looks good....

Did a read somewhere a while back that this ark was gonna be placed in water?

Morgan Williams


No other place in America like it...

Comment on Facebook

Thank you for sharing the word of God...God is Good All the Time & All the Time God is Good. "God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16"

Jesus is risen!

Thank you❤️


AMEN! AMEN! and AMEN! 👍👍👍👍

Love hearing him sing!

He is Risen Indeed!

Comment on Facebook

Can't wait to come visit Creation Museum and Ark Encounter; from Farmersville, Ohio

We were there this week! Amazing!!! Absolutely enjoyed the Ark and Creation Museum!

Been there twice also. Was there 3 weeks ago. It is awesome!

Wow amazing! Can't wait to visit next month! Denison, TX here! God bless!

Hope to visit this fall! ✝️

Hi Ken, hello to Mally as well from Mexico! I used to be the Senior Pastor at Sherman Baptist in Dry Ridge. Now serving in the Baja peninsula of Mexico. Miss you all!

Was there shortly after the Ark opened...will be back ❣ From west central OHIO.

I wonder when the rest of the park will be finished

I was there last week. What a amazing place.

Hi from michigan

Went last summer to the ark so awesome can’t wait to go again one day!

You should go! It’s amazing!!!

Been there twice with my Church. We just loved it.🙏❤ from Ohio

Can not wait to be there around May 20th.

I am a great supporter of the truth God bless you

God bless you all from Holland

Joseph Floyd

Loved it.



If you were going on a long voyage, what beloved personal items would you take with you?

Comment on Facebook

Awesome visit!!!!

I love decoration. This shows you are a real themepark.

My Mother taught me , personal possessions are not important. She would say, "You can't take it with you", meaning when you go to Heaven. I would want my husband to go with me . That's it.

My Bible.

My guns.

Our two 🐱.

Noah had quit the rigor!

Estimating the number of animals on the ark depends on several factors.

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Yes really!


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NASA live feeds

Live video click to watch

Live video click to watch

Live Video NASA TV

Facebook Posts

Stop to smell the roses 🌹... and then take a picture! This #EarthDay while were showing the love for our planet, we want to share photos taken by you! Snap your best close-up using #PictureEarth & see how your 📸can be featured:

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All Earthians wishing you all a very happy Earth day.... Save Earth.... Save water.... Save your generations....

Wow it's fantastic collection. Super.


Salmo 104 :24

Kate Pickett

Karen Moore

God’s beautiful creations.


Some beautiful shots there 🙂

Good morning

Me pregunto que tanto espera la nasa para actuar o que quiere ver para decir que ea demasiado tarde

Si tanto amor tienen por el planeta...por qué vuestro país no firma los acuerdos mundiales en favor del planeta para bajar las emisiones que lo contaminan??????

#CGI #Photoshop #Fakes #Liars #Frauds

Happy earth day all friends .

Dad used to say that to me all the time.

Yeah...I will do today




Become a citizen scientist with your smartphone. Create your own cloud in a bottle. Share your favorite nature photos with #PictureEarth. We are offering opportunities for all these activities and more through public and global social media events this #EarthDay! See the full list here:

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Congratulations to NASA for creating a platform to join on Earth Day .

Good Work❤️ God Bless.❤️💖💖💖


A terra é plana!

Maria Christina

Good job nasa team. To feel happy all. Super thought.

#Fakers #Liars #Frauds

hola soi un niño de 10 años pero tengo la suficiente marudes para saber el gran trabaja que ustedes hacen megusta mucha el anvientalismo y la astrofisica voi a crear un canal en youtobe sobre conserbamiento del planeta y el espacio

Vagy.... Oszd meg 5X gyorsabban.. Azt kivagytok zàrva..



Shukria. tanto quieren al planeta, por qué no firman los acuerdos mundiales para frenar las emisiones contaminantes?????

Lacy Stephensmoore

لك حاج تكدبوا عهالبشر

Waiting for the flatheads to disagree

Perfect 👌

They fine.

Good job

Always room to learn.

I don't think so. 😏

Ok we will try dear NASA

Comment on Facebook

Really NASA. What a information. Suddenly we see the picture we can't understand. But. When we read it carefully we understand what a misstory. Lovely. And outstanding.

Glacier sits on a plate boundary, volcanic heating causing rapid melting

हम जिस रस्ते पर चल रहें हैं वह धरती के लिये ठीक नहीं है लेकिन आप के कारण ये होगा एक नया मुहूर्त नई पहेली जो धरती बोल रही हैं मुझे हरियाली से सजाया करों

En México, nuestros dos volcanes más famosos también han sufrido la extinción total de sus glaciares. Hace 10 años aún se veían

I don't think climate change and global warming is 100% at play here. At 20 meters per day something else has to be going on. It will be interesting to follow this story.

راح يتحول يمنا

I threw a block of ice in the ocean today... did you? Everyone needs to do their part and continue throwing ice back in the ocean.

It could be another as-of-yet unforseen cascade effect due to global warming and climate change. We ignore these sudden events at our mortal peril.

And how many thousands of years has this been happening?

Aside from climate change, maybe volcanic activity?

So what happens when the glacier is completely gone? Oh yeah a driving mechanism for the 🌎 weather will be gone. No worries it will just reappear like magic.

I would guess heating from below. By what mechanism I do not know. -geophysics degree.

What time period is covered by the time lapse?

(1) Rate of change is crucial, at least as much as direction of change. (2) Just because something similar happened before, does not prove that a current situation has a comparable cause. If you had a fever last year and it turned out to be a cold, and you get a fever today, that by itself does not prove that now you have a cold. In this example, a doctor has to examine you and perhaps do some tests to determine what the cause of your current fever is, since their are many possible causes for a fever, and some are more serious than others. Just because the Earth's climate has warmed in earlier geological ages, long before human beings existed, by natural causes does not, by itself, prove that the current situation cannot be caused by any human activities, or that purely natural causes are sufficient to causally explain all of the current situation. You have to investigate, just like you need to visit your doctor every time you get a fever. And, by the way, a lot of people have already been investigating this for decades, and they have published thousands of technical papers for anyone to see. Their conclusions as to what is happening and what is causing it are getting stronger each year.

Easy, global warming and the current 2019 USA president just doesn't care about it.

"Damage"?! Somehow missed what was adversely affected...

Not good. #ClimateEMERGENCY #ExtinctionRebellion 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

Será que es por el cambio de estación? Aparte es siclico el cambio climático este el hombre o no.... De todos modos va a pasar.

That last frame shows for a tiny fraction of a second so I can't really see the detail with it.

To NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration When exactly started going (The outlet glacier of Vavilov Ice Cap) from sliding 20 meters per year to 20 meters per day?

Winter is here.

Ummm, Warm weather causes ice to melt. You’re welcome NASA. No study needed, there...saved you a year & $500,000

Thanks for sharing great news

I would like to say it’s blowing really hard

I watched this for 30 seconds before I realized it wasn’t a Game of Thrones reference

Our magnificent planet is ready for its close-up 📸, & on #EarthDay, April 22, we’re calling on YOU! Help us celebrate by uploading a photo of your favorite natural features using #PictureEarth. Learn how your pictures could be featured in future projects:

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Mikkel Scott Sørensen Ophelia Andrea Keitum

Vincent Lavallée

Nice to join on Earth Day.

The wonder of this all, inspires us to create abstract art work “based on a true story”, How glorious!

Oh! It's amazing I'm very excited about this. #i love NASA

قبس السر

Tim Hyland

Merci pour les photos nasa une question scientifique on peut avoir une planete aussi belle que la terre quelle chance que nous avons combien d argent pour la sauver oups la lune paix

Ziyad Al-junaidi

Feliz Páscoa para todas vocês

Good Evening how you doing

#Boa Tarde A Todos #[email protected] - National Aeronautics and Space Administration Que Legal Muito Bom 👍👌👁🌕🌏⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🔬



Victor Prestol tu que eres fotógrafo

Por favor!!! borren mis comentarios




Yeah yeah



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Vincent Lavallée

dear NASA I wish you success and more excellence

Have a nice flight till your new record in space flights. Congratulation. Happy Easter.

Happy Easteer International Space Station ! 🤝💝

We Love you NASA

Happy Easter ♥️♥️

When is NASA going to install a Hedron Collider onto a Spacecraft,,,or asteroid,,to create the Anti-matter needed to create the Warp in Space Light speed,,,just kidding,,an implosion pulse Engine which creates miniature Nuclear explosions will be enough to Propel any Spaceship at near light speed,,,fashioned to a mined out Asteroid,,,it will be protected from deep space,,,spinning enough to create artificial gravity,,,,,just don't forget the Natives after These Goofs wreck our Planet,,,

What's happening with Earth's tilt tonight 21st April 2019. The moon is on the other side of the sky. It seems to have tilted an extra 25% ? #NASA

We love you NASA 💫🛰🌔☄️🚀

Por favor!!! Borren mis comentarios

When SOFIA gets improved with gold plated tech on the outside to find the first atmospheric neutrino and is equipped with smaller onboard Donut Detectors. 🦆 Calling it D.U.C.K (Direct Umbo Chamber Kite)

We love you nasa

Please help dis time your life would life one link next life good mind life using your life tanks for your help would life one link help my mission operating mid singer dis taste using next time token would last mission operating on life using your life tanks

sad news about Owen Garriott. i remember the Skylab missions when i was young - they were so captivating

Godspeed Owen!

"The more and the best,,

Happy Easter!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

She is actually spending all that time in a shipping container or a hotel room somewhere out of public view.

Awesome work NASA and I’m sorry about the loss of Owen may he Rest In Peace and God Bless him my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends



Universe First type of Molecule (Jocelyn definitely be a great name for it😘)

Waiting the universe's first type molecule , what is the first animal in our world ?

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station snapped this image of the South Indian Ocean as the station flew 265 miles above the cloudy formation. The off-world laboratory orbits the Earth about every 90 minutes and helps us prepare for deep space exploration. Gaze in awe:

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WOW! Incredible!! Thanks for sharing! Thank you NASA!! Thank you Jesus! God bless!! Happy Easter!!!

WOW! Incredible!! Thanks for sharing!

Fantastic! Amazing view, thanks for share with us🙏🏼

I love to see this wonderful view.

Awesome! Thanks for your beautiful efforts and shearing such a beautiful scenery.

Amazing view, nice for my wallpaper thanks Nasa

Entirely Amazing. Yes. Happy Easter NASA 💜💙💚💙💜

This is.. just amazing! Brings tears to my eyes! Never had the opportunity to see our "home" from that point of view. 👍 Enjoy your ride up there and return home safely!!!

Thanks for sharing indian site image incredible

Hope he’s having a good time up there🧿

Sensational image. That's what you call a view.

Thank you for serving our country and the advancement of science. Great photo by the way.

Can the laboratory study solar winds impacting our atmosphere and develop a way to protect our atmosphere from further damage from elements being released from the sun?

How did they add the curve?

Looks like a jet from sun ☀️

Take a pic in the other direction into deep space.... We have seen the earth way to many times from you guys

It must be amazing up there! Also, I'm just here flexing my badge...

Further, further and further into space. We need to understand more about deep space.

Thx for new mobile wallpaper!

That's the radius of an alien ship.

"How's the serenity!" A beautiful place we live in! Only a chosen few get to see that! I have pure envy!

Wow, what a view! I cherish the sights I’ve seen at FL450. Has any astronauts seen the green flash from space?

What is the flare?? The Sun!??

If all that water is pushed down to Antarctica by the wind and it freezes the ice storms this winter should be huge.

The space station kinda of looks cgi, but that's probably due to the camera.

NASA has been notified about the results of the SpaceX Static Fire Test and the anomaly that occurred during the final test. We will work closely to ensure we safely move forward with our Commercial Crew Program. ... See MoreSee Less

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Spacex love

Dragon Super Draco Static Fire sounds like a Nerf gun or a super move in a fighting game/anime...I love it! Lol

Better to happen now than during a mission. I love hearing about the progress on it, keep it up! : D

السلام عليكم 🤲🚀🛰✅🤝👍✍ولاية الشلف الجزائر للصم البكم

There's an old rule in programming that states roughly the following: if your program runs the first time without any errors, then there is something terribly wrong with it. I am certain NASA and SpaceX will succeed unperturbed by the bombastic linguistic "contrails" the sociotome and media will leave behind along the road to triumph...all that hype will evaporate from our collective mind and all that'll remain is the image of Elon Musk or some other brave new dreamer that will waive back at us from the surface of Mars in a million winks' time...

I'm listening to Static X right now!!!

That can’t be good, the only time I ever hear “anomaly” is right before the demons come out in horror movies lol. Hope all goes well with Crew Dragon!

Engraçado é feito por aí avioesinhos não pega tanto fogo igual da NASA,todos os dias um acidente expliquem por favor

“Anomaly” = the launch pad might be salvageable.

There is no perfection without failure. Keep up the great work, small improvements on the project, large improvements for mankind!

Anomaly? Sooo aliens 👽 right 😁

Wouldn't let my dog ride on anything Space x does!

what was the anomaly?

Dragon Super Draco Static Fire. BAND NAME CALLED IT DIBS

Funny they didn't say what the "anomaly" was but I can guess it went up in a huge fireball.

Happy Easter to you all

I hope this dosent impair the Dragon program to much .Good luck on resolving this issue.

Space travel will never be risk free, just as driving your car to work everyday!

Okay, NASA, safety first, always. Human lives are valuable

Minor setbacks! Keep on keepin on!

God bless America ✌✌

What happened?

Dragon ball super?

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Vincent Lavallée

Vasco Daniel Bernardo Vaz



Mandy Fritsch Yeager

Heather Johnson Hendrix

N.A.$.A 👌💫$uper$tar Jim Bridenstine👍🙏💞👈

ale ftopa... 🙂

Hi! La politica funciona en la Argentina gracias al FMI


Why not carry the whole video transmission?

Why cut once the action started?



I’ve got an iphone controlled chopper which I’ve had for about 6 years, and still can’t manage to fly it properly.haha




G⚙️Titans Plano Academy High School 💙



Congratulations Welcome for from Earth.


Our magnificent planet is ready for its close-up 📸, & on #EarthDay, April 22, we’re calling on YOU! Help us celebrate by uploading a photo of your favorite natural features using #PictureEarth. Learn how your pictures could be featured in future projects:

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Sherry Patrick-Sherry Patrick Palmer-Davis Jeff should send in photo!

Josi Riek Kitty French McClean

生物の謎に迫れ(*´ 艸`)(*´ 艸`)!。(¯â€•¯ðŸ’§)!。

Jack Hardy

I love my little blue dot!!!!!!!!

beautiful nature

Patrick Tice

Mohamed Ismail Alderrija

Redwan Khaleque

Only if humans appreciate the grace of this incredible mother land.❤️

Awesome! Thanks, NASA 💖 Happy Passover For All🐰🐇🐰💝💝💖💖💝💝

Marcelina ale pieknie zobacz

Outstanding. To understand every pictures is important.

Thank God for putting me in this planet❤️


Bangkok Thailandร้อนมากไฟไหม้

s miguella tano Ferrer sikat na s facebook pinag usapan s bayan sikat nayan

Φωτογραφίες φοβερές

Felices Pascuas a todos y todas


love you ,Earth!




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Everytime,looking at this kind of the videos, I can't help myself feeling proud of humans. THX,NJ.Thanks for telling us the world outside the earth.

Por favor!! Borren mis comentarios

i love NASA. People work there. Who believe in their dream. Good luck.🌙

Mes salutations distinguées et Respectueuse Merci

Solo van al estudio de Hollywood a hacer burbujas flotando.

Largest collaboration, all together, that's amazing.

You should be able to make some interesting composite materials in micro-G. e.g. foamed metals and metal composites. Has this been done - and if so were there any interesting materials as a result?

Hi! Nasa saben lo que son los intesticios?.......Son textos ambiguos en las normas legales que se prestan para la interpretacion del juez o el fiscal...LOS ABOGADOS ARGENTINOS SON TODOS BURGUESES Y REYES.

Love it. I have seen the station fly over about 50 times.

Nasa has to do something about PETE material and HDPE, [Polyethylene] It Is very important in space...

I just love watching the Space Station go over NJ.

Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

Keep on like this,friends! You are doing a very important job,not only for the current generation but for future ones,too!

My 9yr old and I just watched it fly over us in Sydney Australia - and it was absolutely amazing!!!

sou curioso vejo todo dia


Well put me up there and I'll report back


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Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Not everyone has wisdom teeth. But for people who are tall (over 6 foot), their bodies are proportioned to that size. What this means is that on a taller person their bone structures on everything is also bigger which includes the jaw bone. This allows the wisdom teeth to grown in and work normal like all the other teeth do. But for those of us who did not grow that tall but we have the gene turned on that allows these teeth to grow in. We have to suffer with them until they are removed.

Atheists like to use this argument as God creation having a mistake. Far from it. Fo if in a tall person this extra tooth was not available to grow in, the other teeth would become lose and possibly fall out, what then?

The Bible referred to people that were so big and huge they were called giants. Now only did they have wisdom teeth but double rowed teeth as well.

The Bible also speaks of these giants having 6 fingers on each hand.

And 6 toes on each foot. The giant that David fought in the Bible had these traits. And these traits have been past down and show up from time to time as shown in these pics.

Richard Dawkins 747 Gambit.

My responses to Dawkins challenge as a creationist.

Argument #1:
Premise #1. Every existing entity that shows evidence of design requires a designer superior to itself
Premise #2. God shows evidence of design in himself
Conclusion #1. Hence God requires a designer (another God) superior to himself

Response: Being “eternal” means has always existed. If God needs to be created He is not eternal. If eternal things require a first cause to exist then they are not eternal in every sense of the word and it’s meaning.

Physical things require a first cause, such as evolution. But even evolution has no first cause to start the causation process. If it does then several questions need to be addressed.

1) What is the first cause?
2) Who observed it?
3) And can this claim be repeated in a lab to prove it?

Why is this important? Evolution is called a “Scientific Theory”. right? Which means one of the criteria’s to become such a high level theory should be a provable “First Cause”. Because in the causation process, the First Cause starts the causation process for all the other causes to work and become viable possibilities. Without that First Cause no process claimed have a viable possibility.

Argument #2:

Premise #3. Infinite regressions are not possible
Conclusion #1 implies an infinite regression (an infinite number of gods)
Conclusion #2. Hence, Conclusion #1 is not possible, so no god can exist.

Response: Infinite regression cannot be disproved or proved because it cannot be tested, right? So this claim either way would be more of an opinion then fact without proof, right? Now logic and reason would say and I agree that no, this cannot happen. But you are putting upon an infinite God finite restrictions. Apply the rules that we live under as finite beings to a infinite God who lives in a infinite time dimension.

So the question is a fallacy because you forgot that it does not apply to a eternal infinite Heaven where there is no death or aging.

This is also why, in your 100% physical belief of we just evolved, we die and that’s it. That you must also believe that something comes from nothing. You know infinite regression does not work in the physical universe where the laws of thermal dynamics would exist. But God solves this problem by living in a realm where these things do not exist. So how would the infinite regression problem apply to an eternal – infinite God?

So where you claim a problem exists, becomes an answer that fits better than the one you give for what you believe.

To better understand this I think a little about creation needs to be explained.
Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

3 things are needed to create a universe. Time, Space, and Matter.

1) In the beginning = Time.
2) God created the heaven = our physical heaven aka space.
3) And the earth = matter.

If time was not always then there was a time where time did not exist. Which means what did exist did not require time in order to exist. Which also, by the way, eliminates infinite regression. Because how can you have infinity of anything where time itself is infinite and already solves the problem just by being so?