FaceBook suicidal AI

Is FaceBook really trying to stop suicide, or are they just trying to look like they are?

Recently FaceBook announced it’s suicide AI program that will monitor words and phrases to detect if someone is having thoughts of suicide to flag their comments. But recently I also had an experience with FaceBook that shows that what they say, and what they actually do, are 2 different things entirely.

I ran across a page that promotes suicide among disabled teens. The name of the page is: Suicidal memes for autistic teens. Yep and it still exists.


And a screenshots are here:

I reported it and had people from my site named Evolution is a lie also report it. They not only said that this site did not break any of their community rules:

Suspended me when the same guy reported something I posted as a test to FaceBook that was along the same lines to see if they would discriminate, and they did. I was the one suspended from FaceBook and this guy’s page stays up.

christianforums.com, a fake Christian site?

As the atheists get bolder and more cunning in their ways to convert the believing to disbelief comes a trend of fake Christian ministries. These ministries are run mainly by x-christians who know the christian lingo and can pass off the ministry as real without much effort. These fake ministries always have the same thing in common.

  • They allow atheists, in certain sections of the forum, to have free run. This is to weaken the faith of the believing.
  • They allow evolution to be spoken of as fact while God’s creation to be mocked and made out to be lies.
  • They will be full of supposed Christians that love to compromise the word of God and will try to promote it in others.
  • They will allow conversion to disbelief on their forums and will refuse to lift a finger to stop it.
  • They will have sections of their forums that they can call Christian, where they will allow Christians to congregate, because they need to have these sections so they can always use these section to hide behind when someone points out what goes on in the other sections that is not Godly.
  • The rules will be enforced more so on the side of the atheists, while Christians get bashed constantly for believing the Word of God on areas the atheists have the most problems with.
  • If you point out the problems to the forum admins and mods they will either have excuses to justify what they do, or ignore what you say as if nothing was said at all. You might even get into trouble as you may get accused of challenging their authority.
  • They will allow Christians who live a certain lifestyle that God makes clear is an abomination to push their agendas as if it’s right. And to try and recruit others to live the same way to make sin look righteous and Holy.
  • They will allow new age believers to have free roam to spew there new age beliefs and fool the unsuspecting, and the new in Christ.
  • etc…

There are many forums ministries such as this that are not interested in being a place of protection for the believer, but a place of danger where Satan is allowed to rip one’s faith to shreds. If you are Christian and have run into such a forum use the message center to the right to send me the link of such a forum so I can check it out and leave the link here so Christians can beware of such ministries that have nothing to do with promoting God, but everything to do with promoting Satan.

Now some of you might get offended by this page because maybe you have become attached to this forum or another that will be listed here as people send me links. But any ministry that allows discouragement of it’s followers, and allows atheists to mock God and believers for believing in the word is doing the work of Satan. Example: If you brought you children to church, and they went to Sunday school while you went to another function. Would you expect your child to end up in a class full of just as many atheists that will challenge you child’s faith, call God and His creation a lie, and make fun of them for what they believe? What would you call a church that allowed that? Would you take your child back for another dose or until their faith was destroyed?

Just because a ministry is online does not give it leeway to misrepresent itself while having other agendas. And because getting a website, running a forum etc… is so easy for anyone to do. Do you not think that atheists would soon be using it just like this? So if you don’t believe sites like this exists go to the one listed above and join it and find out. Bring up a subject that has something to do with same sex marriage and watch who comes in there to defend the subject and calls themselves believers. Post a subject on God’s creation in the evolution section and watch how many atheists jump in to try and destroy what you have posted with pure hate more so than any evidence. Call you a liar over and over and if you say anything back you get into trouble not them. And if you post a really good thread and debate them really well, how they will gang up on you to get everything you posted removed.

In a supposed Christian forum evil is given the advantage at every turn. Would you go to a church that operated like this? Would you even call it a Christian church? If your answer is no then you have also answered what such ministries are really about, Nothing about God. Any ministry that allows that promotion of what Satan uses as tools to weaken the faith of the believing is doing Satan’s work which means they are Satanic. And every person involved will have the blood on their hands of any person that lost their faith and ended up in Hell because of the supposed ministry.

Is NASA telling bald faced lies to get a trillion dollars?


Why do I say a trillion dollars? That is what it will take to send a person to mars. Now if any sites found in Google searches has false information about mars please list which ones they are and what the correct information is in your posts below. The reason I say this is because I know this page is going to generate a bunch of hate posts. Hate posts show that scientifically what is said here cannot be disproven. So the more hate that is posted shows how right the information on this page is and how frustrated some people get when they cannot debunk grade school science.

Now why did I post this with such an attitude? Because I can prove they are lying as I have done here, and they just keep doing it. It would not bother me as much except these are supposed to be the smartest minds on this planet working at NASA so they know better. So if they know better then they are doing it on purpose. On purpose is a bald face lie. But then again, with due respect, they also did send the Hubble Telescope up without testing it. Had to make a special trip to fix it. The things that make you go Hmmmm.

Here are some of the examples of how they are trying to convince themselves and the population that water is on Mars:

Notice how they use the wear of “rock” to claim water was once on Mars. Why no use the atmospheric conditions also? Because they know that the atmosphere will not support their claim. Next video is where NASA gets involved in claiming “oceans of water” used to exist on Mars.

Here again no mention of the atmospheric conditions. Because the atmosphere proves water “never existed” on mars Is animation evidence? Like if a Scientist can animate oceans of water on any planet does that makes it true? It seems to be so because if you ever notice any evolution video on how evolution happens has about 80-90% animation and most scientists accept that as proof. What does it really prove? On both counts (water on mars and evolution is true) is that both are only provable in a virtual world. A virtual world where all you have to do is imagine it, animate it and it’s true.

So now we need to redefine what empirical evidence means. It means something you can observe, something that can be repeated in a lab, or something you can imagine and animate in a virtual world. This is how science works when they cannot get actual physical evidence to support what they “claim is true”. And because most of the population likes good animation they will accept it as being true, Claiming there is life and water on mars is about as lame as claiming they found the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy on mars. Because both of those you have to animate as well so it puts that claim on the same level.

Challenge to YECs? Part 2

This is continued from part 1 https://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1286.

Here is an example of what happens with repelling poles in this video:

How do you get layers with repelling poles to stay together? You don’t. So it’s not polar flips that caused this. Besides, what is going to have more of an effect on the next layers poles? 1) A magnet pole that is 1,000 of miles away? 2) Or one that is butted right up against it that has a magnetic field of it’s own?

  • Astrophysical observations show that the rotation of the earth has been slowing (and the number of days per year has been decreasing) since it first formed.  Calculations based on these observations show that there is a very close agreement between the predicted number of days in a year, the measured number of days based on coral growth characteristics, and the measured age of fossil corals.  The results are consistent with fossil coral ages extending back some 400 million years ago.  How do YECs account for these correlations?
  • Response: This is basically the same question asked earlier about corals it’s just done in a different way. I will answer this the same way I answered the other question. Old earth believers are taking the average growth to calculate this. Which means corals grow at different rates. No one know the rate of coral growth from the past so basically this is an assumption based on something that cannot be proven. Today the conditions for corals is not favorable and many are dying. Do you think corals will grow normally in unfavorable conditions? No they want. So the past was more favorable for growth from which it is easy to conclude that corals grew much faster in the past.
  • Evidence gathered from core samples taken by the Glomar Challenger show that the Mediterranean Sea has been subjected to repeated cycles of drying and re-flooding over a period of millions of years.  Analysis of the core samples reveals a geologic history that involved multiple cycles of deposition of sediments, compression of the sediments into stone, erosion of the stone into canyons (some larger than the modern Grand Canyon), and reburial of these canyons under thousands of feet of new sediments.  Contained within these sediments are multiple layers of evaporites and weathered interfaces that take thousands of years to accumulate and that can only form under exposed conditions.  How does the YEC model explain this evidence?
  • Response: The problem here is this is based on figures that do not include the flood. So why would they support the flood? And some of what was asked here has already been answered in previous responses. It seems that the more I go into these questions the more they are the same just asked in a different fashion.
  • Over 160 impact structures that were formed by the collision of extra-terrestrial objects with the earth have been identified. The vast majority of the impacts that formed these massive structures, which occur at various depths in the geologic column above the so-called Flood basement rock, were not recorded by humans.  Considering that numerous other earth-altering events (earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, etc.) have been regularly recorded throughout human history, it seems odd that so few of these impacts were noted in historical documents if, as YECs contend, humans have been present on earth since shortly after its inception. Some YECs argue that most of these impacts occurred during the chaos of the Flood, and were, therefore, not recorded.  How could these collisions of nuclear bomb proportions have occurred during the Flood without causing massive waves that would have smashed the wooden Ark like a toy?
  • Response: How can one know that these meteors would have nuclear bomb proportions? This is actually an assumption based on making the YEC model not work. But let’s take a closer look. The meteors were only needed to bring down the canopy. And while the meteors entered our atmosphere where the barometric pressures were double because of the canopy, there would have been much more friction to slow down the speed of the meteor before it hit. Also taking into account that the canopy itself slowed these meteors down somewhat upon impact means the meteors back then would not had hit with the same forcible impact as they would today. So nuclear bomb proportions is over kill. Of course when one is looking to discredit something to the emf degree over kill is always in order.
  • Oil contains certain chemicals that derive from the organic materials from which it was formed.  The distribution of these chemicals in oil correlates with the sequence of these organic precursor materials as they appeared in the geologic column.  For example, there is no oleanane in oil deposits older than the last epoch of the Cretaceous because the angiosperms from which this chemical is derived did not exist prior to that time.  A similar time line exists for chemicals in oil such as 24-norcholestane (which is not present until the appearance of the diatoms) and vitrain (which is not present  until the appearance of land plants).  How is this relationship explained in terms of the Flood model?
  • Response: Oil does not take millions of years to form. In fact that claim is based upon assumptions made about the geologic column. There is a process that is done on turkey and chicken by products (stuff that’s usually thrown away), that when the near to same conditions of how crude oil is found in underground is applied twice, the by products break down to form a petroleum product known as bio-diesel (a form of oil that is used as fuel) in about 2 hours. And there are many things that can be broke down to make this. They are currently working on a process to turn tires into bio diesel or gas. They will do the same with common trash and one company is reportedly doing this with raw sewage. So it’s not what existed, its what broke down to make it. There is also what’s called hydrothermal oil. The video below shows oil being made by nature right before your eyes.

<iframe width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/VdcHIeH0KsM?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

  • The Atacama desert in Chile contains river beds that have not had water running in them for 120,000 years.  Some areas of this desert have been in a hyper-arid condition for at least 20 million years.  How can these facts be accounted for in terms of the YEC model?
  • Response: It would first have to be ascertained how the ages of what history is claimed, was concluded. Asking a vague question with no real information won’t get a good answer. But since it is this way I will ask questions on what I see in the questions. 1) How does one know that the river beds have had no running water 120,000 years? Since there is no information on how I can only conclude that this was assumed. And the claim about 20 million years, same question.

Part 3: http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1316

A challenge to YECs? Part 1

Was surfing the internet and ran into this page: https://home.nctv.com/jackjan/challenge.htm#intro

It was put up by Jack DeBaun. Not sure who he is but I found his questions a challenge in themselves. They are different from the average YECH (young earth creation hater). So I’m addressing them because of that because I like challenges. Not that I am trying to meet his challenge. This is because from my experience debating evolutionists-atheists, that you can meet their challenges and it really never makes any difference. This is because they have such a stronghold on science they are not about to give that up. And I could go on and on how it really makes no difference but that would take away from me addressing what’s on that page. So I will start by listing his challenge questions.

Evolution vs Creation AKA the Tree of Death vs the Tree of Life.

We all know that evil is the opposite of good. And it has been concluded by many Christians that evolution opposes creation for the very reason that it is considered evil. Evil also means in Biblical terms to be of Satan. Now something directly from Satan always the direct opposite of God and basically a deception also known as a counterfeit. This is because Satan is opposing God so he has to be the direct opposite. So for Satan to be the direct opposite of the Tree of Life that represents eternal life, he has to come up with a tree of death that has no possible way to become eternal.

In the Bible it speaks of the Tree of Life:

Revelation 2:7 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

Revelation 22:2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Revelation 22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

Living to have an eternal life is the goal that is presented in the Bible. The goal of evolution is the death of an inferior species so that a better one can evolve. And all die and there is no eternal life because in evolution the possibility of a soul cannot be explained through natural causes. So basically evolution is Satan’s counterfeit for God’s Tree of Life (eternity) and His Creation. Basically counterfeiting and denying all that God represents.