FaceBook suicidal AI

Is FaceBook really trying to stop suicide, or are they just trying to look like they are? Recently FaceBook announced it's suicide AI program that will monitor words and phrases to detect if someone is having thoughts of suicide to flag their comments. But recently I also had an experience with FaceBook that shows that [...]

christianforums.com, a fake Christian site?

As the atheists get bolder and more cunning in their ways to convert the believing to disbelief comes a trend of fake Christian ministries. These ministries are run mainly by x-christians who know the christian lingo and can pass off the ministry as real without much effort. These fake ministries always have the same thing [...]

A challenge to YECs? Part 1

Was surfing the internet and ran into this page: https://home.nctv.com/jackjan/challenge.htm#intro It was put up by Jack DeBaun. Not sure who he is but I found his questions a challenge in themselves. They are different from the average YECH (young earth creation hater). So I'm addressing them because of that because I like challenges. Not that [...]

Evolution vs Creation AKA the Tree of Death vs the Tree of Life.

We all know that evil is the opposite of good. And it has been concluded by many Christians that evolution opposes creation for the very reason that it is considered evil. Evil also means in Biblical terms to be of Satan. Now something directly from Satan always the direct opposite of God and basically a [...]

Global Warming or Global farce?

It has been claimed since the idea of Global Warning that CO2 gas is the main cause because it creates a "green house" effect. A green house effect is where heat radiation gets trap in instead of it refection back into space. And global-alarmist blame man solely for the problem. Since the Global alarm has [...]

The problem with evolution's ever changing evidence and ideas.

According to how the evolutionists find supposed truth about evolution requires them to constantly change the evidence and ideas. What is not realized are the problems and advantages to this for the evolutionist. Advantages are: 1) A evolutionist always gets to look right regardless of what the evidence may be: If a creationist was debating [...]