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FaceBook suicidal AI

Is FaceBook really trying to stop suicide, or are they just trying to look like they are? Recently FaceBook announced it's suicide AI program that will monitor words and phrases to detect if someone is having thoughts of suicide to flag their comments. But recently I also had an experience with FaceBook that shows that [...]
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A challenge to YECs? Part 1

Was surfing the internet and ran into this page: It was put up by Jack DeBaun. Not sure who he is but I found his questions a challenge in themselves. They are different from the average YECH (young earth creation hater). So I'm addressing them because of that because I like challenges. Not that [...]
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The problem with evolution’s ever changing evidence and ideas.

According to how the evolutionists find supposed truth about evolution requires them to constantly change the evidence and ideas. What is not realized are the problems and advantages to this for the evolutionist. Advantages are: 1) A evolutionist always gets to look right regardless of what the evidence may be: If a creationist was debating [...]
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