Challenge to YECs? Part 8

Part one: Part two: Part three: Part four: Part five: Part six: Part seven: Question reference: Before I start answering questions in this section, I want to point out what was written at the end of this section where the person who wrote this was indirectly admitting [...]

Challenge to YECs? Part 7

7. OBSERVATIONS FROM THE STUDY OF BIOGEOGRAPHYAccording to the evolution model, geographic isolation should play a significant role in the distribution of species worldwide. In keeping with this model, species that first evolved in a certain geographic setting and were restricted in their movement to other areas should be found naturally only in the areas [...]

A challenge to YECs? Part 1

Was surfing the internet and ran into this page: It was put up by Jack DeBaun. Not sure who he is but I found his questions a challenge in themselves. They are different from the average YECH (young earth creation hater). So I'm addressing them because of that because I like challenges. Not that [...]

Common misconceptions about evolution?

What I will address here is how what is perceived as misconceptions from one side is not really a misconception at all. These supposed misconceptions are taken from: 1) Misconception: “if you believe in evolution, you can’t believe in God” First, evolution is not something one “believes in.” Biologists do not believe in evolution; [...]