Tardigrades aka water bears defy evolution

The reason these little creatures defy evolution is because they are out to out survive any and all life on this planet. This show that even the most simplest life forms can obtain an ability that does not require evolution. Which is why the question arises: If humans evolved from primates, as the human evolution [...]

Richard Dawkins dumps Fossil Record

In my research of the fossil record, it brings up more questions than it answers. As to the reason I believe Dawkins has decided to give it up as evidence for evolution. Living fossils: There are nearly 200 known living fossils of plants and animals, yet each one has the same problem. They are found [...]

YouTube Creation vs Evolution debate example

In the past I have debated quite a bit. Being kinda burned out on it I don't debate that often anymore. And there are several reasons for that. It's 99% of the time a waste of time unless there is another creationist you can help out. There is really no winning a debate from either [...]

Evolution debate will soon be history?

Excerpts for this page will come from this link: https://news.yahoo.com/scientist-evolution-debate-soon-history-155252505.html Evolutionists will try to say that Darwin was not racist. Yet Darwin never made a comment in any of his writings or book in defense of any human of a different race. He made racist comments himself and had friends that were outspoken racists. The [...]

Challenge to YECs? Part 8

Before I start answering questions in this section, I want to point out what was written at the end of this section where the person who wrote this was indirectly admitting that the age dating process is not accurate. And was making an excuse as to why and justifying why it's used anyway. The reason [...]

Challenge to YECs? Part 7

7. OBSERVATIONS FROM THE STUDY OF BIOGEOGRAPHY According to the evolution model, geographic isolation should play a significant role in the distribution of species worldwide. In keeping with this model, species that first evolved in a certain geographic setting and were restricted in their movement to other areas should be found naturally only in the [...]