Evolution debate will soon be history?

Excerpts for this page will come from this link: https://news.yahoo.com/scientist-evolution-debate-soon-history-155252505.html Evolutionists will try to say that Darwin was not racist. Yet Darwin never made a comment in any of his writings or book in defense of any human of a different race. He made racist comments himself and had friends that were outspoken racists. The [...]

Challenge to YECs? Part 8

Part one: http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1286 Part two: http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1298 Part three: http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1316 Part four: http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1328 Part five: http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1344 Part six: http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1349 Part seven: http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1359 Question reference: http://home.nctv.com/jackjan/challenge.htm#intro Before I start answering questions in this section, I want to point out what was written at the end of this section where the person who wrote this was indirectly admitting [...]

Challenge to YECs? Part 7

7. OBSERVATIONS FROM THE STUDY OF BIOGEOGRAPHYAccording to the evolution model, geographic isolation should play a significant role in the distribution of species worldwide. In keeping with this model, species that first evolved in a certain geographic setting and were restricted in their movement to other areas should be found naturally only in the areas [...]

Challenge to YECs? Part 3

Part 1: http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1286 Part 2: http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1298 Reference: http://home.nctv.com/jackjan/challenge.htm#intro3. OBSERVATIONS FROM MOLECULAR BIOLOGICAL STUDIES The human genome contains a great deal of what is referred to as non-functional DNA, i.e., DNA that is not translated into proteins. Because these elements are not functional in the usual sense, they are passed from generation to generation without experiencing [...]