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The immortal jelly fish. Infinite lives
Why not have the goal of evolution to evolve immortal life instead of survival of the [...]
Tardigrades aka water bears defy evolution
The reason these little creatures defy evolution is because they are out to out survive any and all life on this planet. This show [...]
Creation Memes you can use for debates!
Click on images to see text fully, and for the link to the articles that go with them that you can use. You can also get an idea of [...]
Richard Dawkins dumps Fossil Record
In my research of the fossil record, it brings up more questions than it answers. As to the reason I believe Dawkins has decided to [...]
YouTube Creation vs Evolution debate example
In the past I have debated quite a bit. Being kinda burned out on it I don't debate that often anymore. And there are several reasons [...]
Challenge to YECs? Part 8
Before I start answering questions in this section, I want to point out what was written at the end of this section where the person [...]
Challenge to YECs? Part 7
7. OBSERVATIONS FROM THE STUDY OF BIOGEOGRAPHY According to the evolution model, geographic isolation should play a significant [...]
Challenge to YECs? Part 5
Dogs will always breed dogs just like cats will always breed cats. Neither can breed each other nor anything else. But yet all are [...]