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Stop to smell the roses 🌹... and then take a picture! This #EarthDay while were showing the love for our planet, we want to share photos taken by you! Snap your best close-up using #PictureEarth & see how your 📸can be featured:

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All Earthians wishing you all a very happy Earth day.... Save Earth.... Save water.... Save your generations....

Wow it's fantastic collection. Super.


Salmo 104 :24

Kate Pickett

Karen Moore

God’s beautiful creations.


Some beautiful shots there 🙂

Good morning

Me pregunto que tanto espera la nasa para actuar o que quiere ver para decir que ea demasiado tarde

Si tanto amor tienen por el planeta...por qué vuestro país no firma los acuerdos mundiales en favor del planeta para bajar las emisiones que lo contaminan??????

#CGI #Photoshop #Fakes #Liars #Frauds

Happy earth day all friends .

Dad used to say that to me all the time.

Yeah...I will do today




Become a citizen scientist with your smartphone. Create your own cloud in a bottle. Share your favorite nature photos with #PictureEarth. We are offering opportunities for all these activities and more through public and global social media events this #EarthDay! See the full list here:

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Congratulations to NASA for creating a platform to join on Earth Day .

Good Work❤️ God Bless.❤️💖💖💖


A terra é plana!

Maria Christina

Good job nasa team. To feel happy all. Super thought.

#Fakers #Liars #Frauds

hola soi un niño de 10 años pero tengo la suficiente marudes para saber el gran trabaja que ustedes hacen megusta mucha el anvientalismo y la astrofisica voi a crear un canal en youtobe sobre conserbamiento del planeta y el espacio

Vagy.... Oszd meg 5X gyorsabban.. Azt kivagytok zàrva..



Shukria. tanto quieren al planeta, por qué no firman los acuerdos mundiales para frenar las emisiones contaminantes?????

Lacy Stephensmoore

لك حاج تكدبوا عهالبشر

Waiting for the flatheads to disagree

Perfect 👌

They fine.

Good job

Always room to learn.

I don't think so. 😏

Ok we will try dear NASA

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Really NASA. What a information. Suddenly we see the picture we can't understand. But. When we read it carefully we understand what a misstory. Lovely. And outstanding.

Glacier sits on a plate boundary, volcanic heating causing rapid melting

हम जिस रस्ते पर चल रहें हैं वह धरती के लिये ठीक नहीं है लेकिन आप के कारण ये होगा एक नया मुहूर्त नई पहेली जो धरती बोल रही हैं मुझे हरियाली से सजाया करों

En México, nuestros dos volcanes más famosos también han sufrido la extinción total de sus glaciares. Hace 10 años aún se veían

I don't think climate change and global warming is 100% at play here. At 20 meters per day something else has to be going on. It will be interesting to follow this story.

راح يتحول يمنا

I threw a block of ice in the ocean today... did you? Everyone needs to do their part and continue throwing ice back in the ocean.

It could be another as-of-yet unforseen cascade effect due to global warming and climate change. We ignore these sudden events at our mortal peril.

And how many thousands of years has this been happening?

Aside from climate change, maybe volcanic activity?

So what happens when the glacier is completely gone? Oh yeah a driving mechanism for the 🌎 weather will be gone. No worries it will just reappear like magic.

I would guess heating from below. By what mechanism I do not know. -geophysics degree.

What time period is covered by the time lapse?

(1) Rate of change is crucial, at least as much as direction of change. (2) Just because something similar happened before, does not prove that a current situation has a comparable cause. If you had a fever last year and it turned out to be a cold, and you get a fever today, that by itself does not prove that now you have a cold. In this example, a doctor has to examine you and perhaps do some tests to determine what the cause of your current fever is, since their are many possible causes for a fever, and some are more serious than others. Just because the Earth's climate has warmed in earlier geological ages, long before human beings existed, by natural causes does not, by itself, prove that the current situation cannot be caused by any human activities, or that purely natural causes are sufficient to causally explain all of the current situation. You have to investigate, just like you need to visit your doctor every time you get a fever. And, by the way, a lot of people have already been investigating this for decades, and they have published thousands of technical papers for anyone to see. Their conclusions as to what is happening and what is causing it are getting stronger each year.

Easy, global warming and the current 2019 USA president just doesn't care about it.

"Damage"?! Somehow missed what was adversely affected...

Not good. #ClimateEMERGENCY #ExtinctionRebellion 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

Será que es por el cambio de estación? Aparte es siclico el cambio climático este el hombre o no.... De todos modos va a pasar.

That last frame shows for a tiny fraction of a second so I can't really see the detail with it.

To NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration When exactly started going (The outlet glacier of Vavilov Ice Cap) from sliding 20 meters per year to 20 meters per day?

Winter is here.

Ummm, Warm weather causes ice to melt. You’re welcome NASA. No study needed, there...saved you a year & $500,000

Thanks for sharing great news

I would like to say it’s blowing really hard

I watched this for 30 seconds before I realized it wasn’t a Game of Thrones reference

Our magnificent planet is ready for its close-up 📸, & on #EarthDay, April 22, we’re calling on YOU! Help us celebrate by uploading a photo of your favorite natural features using #PictureEarth. Learn how your pictures could be featured in future projects:

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Mikkel Scott Sørensen Ophelia Andrea Keitum

Vincent Lavallée

Nice to join on Earth Day.

The wonder of this all, inspires us to create abstract art work “based on a true story”, How glorious!

Oh! It's amazing I'm very excited about this. #i love NASA

قبس السر

Tim Hyland

Merci pour les photos nasa une question scientifique on peut avoir une planete aussi belle que la terre quelle chance que nous avons combien d argent pour la sauver oups la lune paix

Ziyad Al-junaidi

Feliz Páscoa para todas vocês

Good Evening how you doing

#Boa Tarde A Todos #[email protected] - National Aeronautics and Space Administration Que Legal Muito Bom 👍👌👁🌕🌏⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🔬



Victor Prestol tu que eres fotógrafo

Por favor!!! borren mis comentarios




Yeah yeah



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Vincent Lavallée

dear NASA I wish you success and more excellence

Have a nice flight till your new record in space flights. Congratulation. Happy Easter.

Happy Easteer International Space Station ! 🤝💝

We Love you NASA

Happy Easter ♥️♥️

When is NASA going to install a Hedron Collider onto a Spacecraft,,,or asteroid,,to create the Anti-matter needed to create the Warp in Space Light speed,,,just kidding,,an implosion pulse Engine which creates miniature Nuclear explosions will be enough to Propel any Spaceship at near light speed,,,fashioned to a mined out Asteroid,,,it will be protected from deep space,,,spinning enough to create artificial gravity,,,,,just don't forget the Natives after These Goofs wreck our Planet,,,

What's happening with Earth's tilt tonight 21st April 2019. The moon is on the other side of the sky. It seems to have tilted an extra 25% ? #NASA

We love you NASA 💫🛰🌔☄️🚀

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When SOFIA gets improved with gold plated tech on the outside to find the first atmospheric neutrino and is equipped with smaller onboard Donut Detectors. 🦆 Calling it D.U.C.K (Direct Umbo Chamber Kite)

We love you nasa

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sad news about Owen Garriott. i remember the Skylab missions when i was young - they were so captivating

Godspeed Owen!

"The more and the best,,

Happy Easter!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

She is actually spending all that time in a shipping container or a hotel room somewhere out of public view.

Awesome work NASA and I’m sorry about the loss of Owen may he Rest In Peace and God Bless him my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends



Universe First type of Molecule (Jocelyn definitely be a great name for it😘)

Waiting the universe's first type molecule , what is the first animal in our world ?

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station snapped this image of the South Indian Ocean as the station flew 265 miles above the cloudy formation. The off-world laboratory orbits the Earth about every 90 minutes and helps us prepare for deep space exploration. Gaze in awe:

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WOW! Incredible!! Thanks for sharing! Thank you NASA!! Thank you Jesus! God bless!! Happy Easter!!!

WOW! Incredible!! Thanks for sharing!

Fantastic! Amazing view, thanks for share with us🙏🏼

I love to see this wonderful view.

Awesome! Thanks for your beautiful efforts and shearing such a beautiful scenery.

Amazing view, nice for my wallpaper thanks Nasa

Entirely Amazing. Yes. Happy Easter NASA 💜💙💚💙💜

This is.. just amazing! Brings tears to my eyes! Never had the opportunity to see our "home" from that point of view. 👍 Enjoy your ride up there and return home safely!!!

Thanks for sharing indian site image incredible

Hope he’s having a good time up there🧿

Sensational image. That's what you call a view.

Thank you for serving our country and the advancement of science. Great photo by the way.

Can the laboratory study solar winds impacting our atmosphere and develop a way to protect our atmosphere from further damage from elements being released from the sun?

How did they add the curve?

Looks like a jet from sun ☀️

Take a pic in the other direction into deep space.... We have seen the earth way to many times from you guys

It must be amazing up there! Also, I'm just here flexing my badge...

Further, further and further into space. We need to understand more about deep space.

Thx for new mobile wallpaper!

That's the radius of an alien ship.

"How's the serenity!" A beautiful place we live in! Only a chosen few get to see that! I have pure envy!

Wow, what a view! I cherish the sights I’ve seen at FL450. Has any astronauts seen the green flash from space?

What is the flare?? The Sun!??

If all that water is pushed down to Antarctica by the wind and it freezes the ice storms this winter should be huge.

The space station kinda of looks cgi, but that's probably due to the camera.

NASA has been notified about the results of the SpaceX Static Fire Test and the anomaly that occurred during the final test. We will work closely to ensure we safely move forward with our Commercial Crew Program. ... See MoreSee Less

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Spacex love

Dragon Super Draco Static Fire sounds like a Nerf gun or a super move in a fighting game/anime...I love it! Lol

Better to happen now than during a mission. I love hearing about the progress on it, keep it up! : D

السلام عليكم 🤲🚀🛰✅🤝👍✍ولاية الشلف الجزائر للصم البكم

There's an old rule in programming that states roughly the following: if your program runs the first time without any errors, then there is something terribly wrong with it. I am certain NASA and SpaceX will succeed unperturbed by the bombastic linguistic "contrails" the sociotome and media will leave behind along the road to triumph...all that hype will evaporate from our collective mind and all that'll remain is the image of Elon Musk or some other brave new dreamer that will waive back at us from the surface of Mars in a million winks' time...

I'm listening to Static X right now!!!

That can’t be good, the only time I ever hear “anomaly” is right before the demons come out in horror movies lol. Hope all goes well with Crew Dragon!

Engraçado é feito por aí avioesinhos não pega tanto fogo igual da NASA,todos os dias um acidente expliquem por favor

“Anomaly” = the launch pad might be salvageable.

There is no perfection without failure. Keep up the great work, small improvements on the project, large improvements for mankind!

Anomaly? Sooo aliens 👽 right 😁

Wouldn't let my dog ride on anything Space x does!

what was the anomaly?

Dragon Super Draco Static Fire. BAND NAME CALLED IT DIBS

Funny they didn't say what the "anomaly" was but I can guess it went up in a huge fireball.

Happy Easter to you all

I hope this dosent impair the Dragon program to much .Good luck on resolving this issue.

Space travel will never be risk free, just as driving your car to work everyday!

Okay, NASA, safety first, always. Human lives are valuable

Minor setbacks! Keep on keepin on!

God bless America ✌✌

What happened?

Dragon ball super?

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Vincent Lavallée

Vasco Daniel Bernardo Vaz



Mandy Fritsch Yeager

Heather Johnson Hendrix

N.A.$.A 👌💫$uper$tar Jim Bridenstine👍🙏💞👈

ale ftopa... 🙂

Hi! La politica funciona en la Argentina gracias al FMI


Why not carry the whole video transmission?

Why cut once the action started?



I’ve got an iphone controlled chopper which I’ve had for about 6 years, and still can’t manage to fly it properly.haha




G⚙️Titans Plano Academy High School 💙



Congratulations Welcome for from Earth.


Our magnificent planet is ready for its close-up 📸, & on #EarthDay, April 22, we’re calling on YOU! Help us celebrate by uploading a photo of your favorite natural features using #PictureEarth. Learn how your pictures could be featured in future projects:

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Sherry Patrick-Sherry Patrick Palmer-Davis Jeff should send in photo!

Josi Riek Kitty French McClean

生物の謎に迫れ(*´ 艸`)(*´ 艸`)!。(¯â€•¯ðŸ’§)!。

Jack Hardy

I love my little blue dot!!!!!!!!

beautiful nature

Patrick Tice

Mohamed Ismail Alderrija

Redwan Khaleque

Only if humans appreciate the grace of this incredible mother land.❤️

Awesome! Thanks, NASA 💖 Happy Passover For All🐰🐇🐰💝💝💖💖💝💝

Marcelina ale pieknie zobacz

Outstanding. To understand every pictures is important.

Thank God for putting me in this planet❤️


Bangkok Thailandร้อนมากไฟไหม้

s miguella tano Ferrer sikat na s facebook pinag usapan s bayan sikat nayan

Φωτογραφίες φοβερές

Felices Pascuas a todos y todas


love you ,Earth!




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Everytime,looking at this kind of the videos, I can't help myself feeling proud of humans. THX,NJ.Thanks for telling us the world outside the earth.

Por favor!! Borren mis comentarios

i love NASA. People work there. Who believe in their dream. Good luck.🌙

Mes salutations distinguées et Respectueuse Merci

Solo van al estudio de Hollywood a hacer burbujas flotando.

Largest collaboration, all together, that's amazing.

You should be able to make some interesting composite materials in micro-G. e.g. foamed metals and metal composites. Has this been done - and if so were there any interesting materials as a result?

Hi! Nasa saben lo que son los intesticios?.......Son textos ambiguos en las normas legales que se prestan para la interpretacion del juez o el fiscal...LOS ABOGADOS ARGENTINOS SON TODOS BURGUESES Y REYES.

Love it. I have seen the station fly over about 50 times.

Nasa has to do something about PETE material and HDPE, [Polyethylene] It Is very important in space...

I just love watching the Space Station go over NJ.

Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

Keep on like this,friends! You are doing a very important job,not only for the current generation but for future ones,too!

My 9yr old and I just watched it fly over us in Sydney Australia - and it was absolutely amazing!!!

sou curioso vejo todo dia


Well put me up there and I'll report back


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