FaceBook drops to a new low allowing art that promotes violence against children

I was recently banned for 30 days for posting this picture, or so they say. Does it really look bad? Below is a page they allow that they say breaks no community rules. This is what's not being shown from the other image. Click on image to visit site if you do not believe it [...]

There is no God says Stephen Hawking in final book

Deeming themselves wise, they became fools. Worshiping the creation more than the Creator. If Hawking had proved what he claimed before he died, like every other atheist before and after him has, he would have won a Nobel Prize for solving one of the biggest mysteries and arguments mankind has ever known. But he did [...]

Speed of light is no longer a constant

Youtube Videos The reason it has been claimed for years that the speed of light is constant is because this idea supports the deep time required to make Big Bang and Evolution work. Without it it's less proof that there is evidence for this. So science hid for the longest that they knew the speed [...]

Octopus defies evolution

Evolution is about change in order to survive. correct? Then what was the octopus evolving blue blood (copper base instead of iron base), 9 brains and 3 hearts for to require a type of survival that it needed? There is a reason the octopus never comes up on evolution websites is because evolution cannot begin [...]

Why atheists cuss during debates

The main reason atheists get mad during a debate about evolution is because of their frustrations when we make a point they cannot refute, and it makes them face the reality that what they believe is really a lie. Proof? Out of all the claims made about evolution from a single cell to all that [...]