Dinosaur mummified guts included.

Dinosaur mummified guts included.

Dinosaur mummified complete with skin, soft tissue, blood cells and guts! This was found in 2011 in Canada and took them 7 years to release the information because this totally destroys evolution and it’s timeline. Why else hold the information this long when everything else is released right away. It’s not like it’s some type of top secret project. But evolutionist need to save face.

So how much more is it going to take evolutionists?

1) We have over 100 living fossil found. All show no change aka no evolution even from the oldest time era. Here are just a few to give you an idea.


2) Then we have dinosaur blood and soft tissue that been found 20+ times.

3) We now have the Inca burial stone also known as the Ica stones proven. This is because after the stones were found, the skin for the dinosaurs were found and they confirm the drawings of what was on the dinosaurs. It turned out to be natural skin armor.

4) Evidence that dinosaurs and humans lived together.

5) Evidence that things claimed to takes millions of years to form does not take that long. Because human artifacts are found in them. Such as coal.

And this list can go on and on. Atheism is not about that there is no God, it’s more about being in denial that there is a God. How much more stuff has to be found to prove you wrong before you take notice?

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