FaceBook suicidal AI

Is FaceBook really trying to stop suicide, or are they just trying to look like they are?

Recently FaceBook announced it’s suicide AI program that will monitor words and phrases to detect if someone is having thoughts of suicide to flag their comments. But recently I also had an experience with FaceBook that shows that what they say, and what they actually do, are 2 different things entirely.

I ran across a page that promotes suicide among disabled teens. The name of the page is: Suicidal memes for autistic teens. Yep and it still exists.


And a screenshots are here:

I reported it and had people from my site named Evolution is a lie also report it. They not only said that this site did not break any of their community rules:

Suspended me when the same guy reported something I posted as a test to FaceBook that was along the same lines to see if they would discriminate, and they did. I was the one suspended from FaceBook and this guy’s page stays up.