Atheism a religion?

To believe in something you cannot prove (God does not exist) makes what you believe require faith to believe it. And because faith makes a religion, then religion will compete with religion.

Churches are needed. A gospel needs to be preached. Well how about the gospel of evolution being preached from behind the pulpit? Yep that is what happens at this church. Some atheists might try to make you think this is rare. Problem is, mega atheist churches exists also.

And it has┬ábecome to the point where it’s become so ironic that Christian comedians are making jokes of this.

So regardless of what atheists claim, the reason their worldview and their theory competes with religion is because it’s religion.

About the author: Issac Bourne

High school grad, 3 years of diesel mechanics, 2 years auto-body and painting, 1 year welding. Over 20 years in ministry and over 20 years defending creation against evolution.