Global flood debate.

Global flood debate.

How well does the evidence for the flood given on this website (link: )  work against the evolutionist? Here is a formal debate I am currently in on Facebook that shows the atheist hasn’t a chance. The evidence is so good it actually looks like an unfair debate.

Update: One of the tactics atheists like to use, is when they are losing a debate and they know it. They will do something to get banned either in the debate itself or somewhere else. This is what Jesse Pruitt decided to do. He went onto another post on that page and was very rude, And when I unbanned him, he decided to get banned again. He was not interested in debating anymore because he knew he lost the debate.

Why get banned? They can always claim bias and unfair treatment. And that this is the only way the creationist could win. Problem is he shows that in the message area where he gloated about what happened, proving that everything I said above is true,

Quote: Hahahaha! Read through your posts, it looks like you people are talking to yourselves. Which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary since you ask an imaginary friend for help. And for the record, pointing out your flawed logic isn’t rude, it’s called truth. Fault line acts like a drain plug? LMAO! At least you were somewhat original in the bs you spewed. End of Quote.

So you see he was not even mad about getting banned proving it was his intent to save face and leave that page with his pride intact. Imagine the shame if he would have stayed and faced more of the empirical evidence of the flood that I was going to show? Guess we will never know because Jesse Pruitt made sure of that.

When a person gets banned on a Facebook page their comments disappear. Jesse did not want anyone to see how bad he had lost.  But when I get the time I will be putting back up his posts under my name to show what he’s trying to hide. So in the next couple of days his posts will go back up.

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