Dinosaur Blood and Tissue update…

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Global flood debate.

How well does the evidence for the flood given on this website (link:http://yecheadquarters.org/?p=1627 )  work against the evolutionist? Here is a formal debate I am currently in on Facebook that shows the atheist hasn’t a chance. The evidence is so good it actually looks like an unfair debate.

Update: One of the tactics atheists like to use, is when they are losing a debate and they know it. They will do something to get banned either in the debate itself or somewhere else. This is what Jesse Pruitt decided to do. He went onto another post on that page and was very rude, And when I unbanned him, he decided to get banned again. He was not interested in debating anymore because he knew he lost the debate.

Why get banned? They can always claim bias and unfair treatment. And that this is the only way the creationist could win. Problem is he shows that in the message area where he gloated about what happened, proving that everything I said above is true,

Quote: Hahahaha! Read through your posts, it looks like you people are talking to yourselves. Which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary since you ask an imaginary friend for help. And for the record, pointing out your flawed logic isn’t rude, it’s called truth. Fault line acts like a drain plug? LMAO! At least you were somewhat original in the bs you spewed. End of Quote.

So you see he was not even mad about getting banned proving it was his intent to save face and leave that page with his pride intact. Imagine the shame if he would have stayed and faced more of the empirical evidence of the flood that I was going to show? Guess we will never know because Jesse Pruitt made sure of that.

When a person gets banned on a Facebook page their comments disappear. Jesse did not want anyone to see how bad he had lost.  But when I get the time I will be putting back up his posts under my name to show what he’s trying to hide. So in the next couple of days his posts will go back up.

Speed of light is no longer a constant.

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**Update: Speed of light has now been changed in a vacuum by altering the shape of the light photon.
Science News

Evolution supports Bestiality?


Warning: What you read below is of an adult subject and there is cussing in some of it.

Here is an example of one conversation. Remember this is not for kids.

Atheist: While I personally don’t condone bestiality, I think religion is more of an offense to our status and dignity as human beings than bestiality.

Me: So if your friend starts talking about having sex with his pet and that evolution proves it’s okay you are not going to have a problem with it?

Atheist: I would respond with: I don’t see how evolution proves that it’s okay for you to have sex with your pet. But don’t do it if your pet doesn’t want to. It has the right to refuse, too.

Other shocking comments:

Atheist: why should it be illegal? If that’s what floats your boat go for it as long as the animal isn’t being hurt. What goes on behind closed doors is their business.

Christian: This had BETTER be a joke

Me: It’s not it’s what society and school teaches kids today. If it feels good do it.

Atheist: Its funny the term “what goes on behind closed doors is their business” Is given all the time. The people who d*mn the idea of a God and his word yet still say “as long as no one gets hurt the whatever people do behind closed doors is their business” what a load of sh*t. This is why Americans are all f*cked up. We have laid down the corner stone of truth and rules for kim Kardashian and jay z.

Atheist: So what you’re saying is that God makes people gay. Isn’t is funny how in the USA, bestiality is considered legal in many states, and yet you claim to be a Christian country. Yet again showing the world how you Christians have no morals.

Atheist: what if wer came from the other world, from alien civilizations,,,
from alien theorist claim?
and the bible is true?
that,, we never know…
it’s too early for the evolutionist in that claims

Side note: I will add more when more comments become available if post is not deleted first.

Empirical evidences for World Wide Flood.

This will be undeniable evidence that any creationist can use to prove that the Flood did create a lot of what we see, and not “Deep Time” like the evolutionists claim. I will try to put all the information in an order that is easy to understand along with being as brief as possible without leaving the important stuff out.

  • Is there enough water for a World Wide Flood? Yes there is. In the past few years using seismic tools. They have found that a mineral called ” wadsleyite” holds 2% water by weight. That may not sound like much until you realize how much wadsleyite exists in the upper mantle of the earth. Figures show that 2% would work out to be somewhere around 30 oceans worth added to the water that we already know exists. And this has been tested in more than one place by more than one scientist which makes the results observable and repeatable which is empirical evidence. Which means evolutionists can no longer deny the possibility that a flood of this magnitude could happen.
  • Can the waters from the flood lay out the Geologic Column as we see it today? The evolutionist side has no observable mechanism to do this so all they have is the claim that “Deep Time” did it. But water will sort sediments and is observable and repeatable. The video below shows this and shows how every sediment pattern formed that exists today. And this is observable and repeatable which makes it empirical evidence. Evolutionists have nothing. Empirical evidence beats the “Deep Time” claim any day.

Here is a more simple method using a sand picture that shows how sand will always layer in water.

  • Did the World Wide Flood sort the Fossil Record as we see it? The sure way to tell is this: Aquatic life already live in the water. So during the World Wide Flood they would not be fighting to get air to stay alive. What this means is that as the waters from inside the earth came up, and brought up a lot of sediments with it. The water would darken and any aquatic life caught in this would be buried right where they live. So what this means is that we should actually see a pattern to the fossils.
    1) Bottom dwellers get buried first by the sediments.
    2) Mid dwellers buried second by the sediments.
    3) Top dwellers buried last by the sediments.

Side note: There are more than 60 Living Fossils the list is below.

List of Living Fossils:


Araucaria araucana the Monkey Puzzle tree
CycadsGinkgo tree (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis)
Horsetails Equisetum (Equisetaceae)
Metasequoia Dawn Redwood (Cupressaceae)
Sciadopitys tree (Sciadopityaceae)
Whisk ferns Psilotum (Psilotaceae)
Welwitschia (Welwitschiaceae)
Wollemia tree (Araucariaceae)


Aardvark (Orycteropus afer)
Cypriot mouse (Mus cypriacus)
Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)
Okapi (Okapia johnstoni)
Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)
Laotian Rock Rat (Laonastes aenigmamus)
Volcano rabbit (Romerolagus diazi)
Amami rabbit (Pentalagus furnessi)
Iriomote cat (Prionailurus iriomotensis)
Monito del Monte (Dromiciops gliroides)
monotremes (the platypus and echidna)
Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia rufa)
Acanthisittidae (New Zealand “wrens”)
Hoatzin(Ophisthocomus hoazin)
Broad-billed Sapayoa (Sapayoa aenigma)
Bearded Reedling (Panurus biarmicus)
Coliiformes (mousebirds, 6 living species in 2 genera)
Magpie-goose (Anseranas semipalmata)


Pig-nosed turtle
Crocodilia (crocodiles, gavials and alligators)
Tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus and Sphenodon guntheri)


Purple frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis)
Bony fish
Bowfin (Amia calva)
Coelacanth (the lobed-finned Latimeria menadoensis and Latimeria chalumnae)
Queensland lungfish (Neoceratodus fosteri)
Sturgeons and paddlefish (Acipenseriformes)


Frilled shark (Chlamydoselachus anguineus)


Mantophasmatodea (gladiators; a few living species)
Mymarommatid wasps (10 living species in genus Palaeomymar)
Nevrorthidae (3 species-poor genera)
Notiothauma reedi (a scorpionfly relative)
Orussidae (parasitic wood wasps; about 70 living species in 16 genera)
Peloridiidae (peloridiid bugs; fewer than 30 living species in 13 genera)
Sikhotealinia zhiltzovae (a jurodid beetle)
Syntexis libocedrii (Anaxyelidae cedar wood wasp)


glypheoid lobsters (3 living species: Neoglyphea inopinata, N. neocaledonica, and Laurentaeglyphea neocaledonica)
Stomatopods (Mantis shrimp)
Triops cancriformis (also known as Tadpole shrimp) (a notostracid crustacean)
Nautilina (e.g. Nautilus pompilius)
Neopilina galateae, a monoplacophorid mollusc
Ennucula superba (Nut clam)

Other invertebrates

Horseshoe crab (only 4 living species of the class Xiphosura, family Limulidae: Limulus polyphemus,Tachypleus gigas, Tachypleus tridentatus and Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda)
Lingula anatina (an inarticulate brachiopod)
Valdiviathyris quenstedti (a craniforman brachiopod)

A company named Changing World Technologies has developed a way to make a bio diesel fuel in less than a day using discarded turkey and chicken parts.

So as we can see claiming that oil takes millions of years to form was based more on an assumption than fact.

  • If the flood happened and formed coal then coal should not take 60 millions years to form as science claims. An experiment was done on a piece of wood where it was subject to heat that was hot enough to create steam. And water was added to make the steam. The piece of wood was subjected to these conditions for 2 weeks. And in 2 weeks the coalifacation process started as seen in the pic below.
  • Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron vs. The Atheists.

    It would seem that the war against God is alive and well as the atheists, who claim there is no God, make extreme efforts to stop these two men from promoting God through their ministries. The Atheists latest attempts to stop these two has actually backfired on them. Because it had the opposite effect of what they wanted to happen. How?

    Ray Comfort just came out with a video documentary showing that when Atheists are pinned down to answer a question directly, and not allowed to dodge or squirm their way out of it, they really have no answer. It shows evolution is not what it’s all put up to be. The Documentary Ray did is called: “Evolution vs God”. I have purchased and seen the movie. It’s well worth the money.

    Down load it here: http://www.evolutionvsgod.com/


    And the full documentary is now out on youtube:

    Ray Comfort has also put out videos named: 180 and Genius. That has made the Atheists community mad. The full viewing of these videos can be viewed here



    The backfire for the Atheists here is that their hatred for anyone who would dare to challenge them or just disagree publicly is to post that hatred on the internet. This is turn works as free advertisement for the Christians as doing so put the documentaries on the top rankings with top search engines. They have gone as far as to make false reports to YouTube and FaceBook to get the videos removed. Put up fake accounts using their names or a variation of it posing as them and making unchristian like comments making people think it was them.  But the response from the Christian side got the accounts put back up and all the efforts just got the documentaries more fame through the free hatred advertisement they were getting from the Atheists haters.

    Kirk Cameron has faced the same onslaught of hatred from atheists for his own documentaries, some actually co-starring with Ray Comfort. His latest movie named: Unstoppable. Was attacked every way imaginable just like Ray’s was. The picture below pretty much sums it up.

    You may use the image above to post on social media sites, blogs, forums, and websites. Here is the link for embedding: http://i1.wp.com/www.yecheadquarters.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/A_kirkCamaron.jpg?resize=560%2C420

    Here is the tailor for the movie “Unstoppable” in which I understand will be in theaters soon.

    Official song for Unstoppable:

    This is a perfect example for all the Christians who are already coming up against the atheists, or are thinking of doing this. Their hatred is your free advertisement. And if you are worried about what is said or posted don’t. Everyone has the right to their opinion and there is really nothing you can do about it. So you have to take the good with the bad and realize that people will think what they want regardless, and you can waste more time worrying about things you can do nothing about. When I see hate stuff being posted about me I say: Thanks, it’s because of your efforts and your peers that has made me as popular as I am. I did not have to pay a dime for advertisement because you guys put me on the board because of your hatred.

    Now one might think that Atheists reading this might just stop doing this then we would have to advertise. Fat chance. They cannot resist hating Christians so it’s basically guaranteed that if you bump heads with enough of them. They will make you popular indirectly because of their excessive hatred towards God and all of His followers. So if you are thinking of putting up a website, blog, forum etc… Just do it and post stuff that disagrees with what they believe, and they will come. And if they don’t like you, which most won’t, they will post about you, your site, what you said etc…. So they can all join in, in a hate fest just for you. This will get you a better ranking on search engines which makes you easier to find in searches on subjects concerning your comments. So basically you endure the hatred to get the popularity so that what you do makes a bigger difference on the internet all thanks to the Atheists who cannot help but to hate you.

    Richard Dawkins dumps Fossil Record

    In my research of the fossil record, it brings up more questions than it answers. As to the reason I believe Dawkins has decided to give it up as evidence for evolution.

    1. Living fossils: There are over 30 known living fossils of plants and animals, yet each one has the same problem. They are found in one layer of the supposed record, and alive. For some fossils that is a gap as big as 10 layers. These gaps exist for “every living fossil”. So 30 times there are 30 gaps of the record not recording the fossils surviving until present time.
    2. The layering of the Geologic Column: There is no observable or explainable mechanism to show how the layers the fossil are found in got laid over millions of years. Yet water will sort the layered sediments like this and is observable and repeatable (empirical evidence).
    3. Polystrate Fossils: Trees that run through several layers that are supposed to take millions of years to form. How does a tree not rot away while waiting to be buried in the millions of years it took to do this? It could be explained away if only a few were found but these Polystrate Fossils  are found all over the world.
    4. Cross contamination of dating markers: Fossils can be cross contaminated by the layers they are buried in. Example: If you bury a bone that dates 1000 years bury it in a layer that dates 300 million years. Over a period of time the markers from the layer will cross contaminate the fossil and make it date the same as the layer even though it never was the same age. This raises several questions and answers why all fossils will “always” date the same age as the layer. There is no other option after so many years.
    5. The Geologic Column or the fossil record does not exist in one piece anywhere in the world. It is estimated that if it did it would be just under 15 miles deep. So the record is only connected together by the age each layer dates and the fossils found in that layer. So an assumption has to be made here.

    If Evolution Theory is true…..

    If Evolution theory is true why does every documentary on how it happened contain 80-100% animation?

    If Evolution theory were true and had tons of evidence why does that evidence require so much interpretation? Because if you take away the interpretation of all supposed evolution evidence what would you have left? But because the evidence requires interpretation without actual observation of what really happened, the interpretation is actually an assumption. And this assumption is based on evolution being a true proven fact which bars any other idea from ever being considered or even pondered. It also means that assuming evolution is a true proven fact as so many evolutionists will claim means that the supposed science that it’s based on is more about conformism than anything else. Conformism is not science.

    Example: Let’s say this is like a horse race. Evolution and all the other ideas are set to race. The horn sounds for the race to begin but the only door that opens is the one that allows the evolution horse to run the race. The other horses (ideas) are not even allowed on the track. So evolution horse not only gets to run the race but is the only idea that is allowed to win every race. In an actual horse race that would be known as cheating (conformism).

    If Evolution theory were true, why do evolutionists make complexity sound easy? If you think about it, that is an oxymoron statement. Complexity means exactly what is says and there is nothing easy about it. Here are the problems to making complexity sound easy for evolution to achieve concerning evolution of the eye.

    1. The more complex something is the more mutations required to achieve the final goal.
    2. With mutations, each mutation has to mutate in the correct order to eventually evolve the final product. What is it in evolution that guides each individual mutation to be just right? Because if even one mutation if off it will affect all the mutations that come after it which in turn affects what it is that evolves. Example: Let’s look at the evolution of the eye as a scientific flow chart in an experiment. To get to the last stage of this flow chart and get the desired result, you have to follow the flow chart exactly. Which means you cannot have one deviation or even one mess up or the experiment is ruined. So what is it in evolution that makes every mutation perfect, regardless of how many it takes, to achieve the finished product? The reason this question is avoided is because to venture here would make one realize that only intelligence can have a guiding hand in what happens. Random chance and mistakes don;t do that.
    3. Which evolved first? The eye or the vision center of the brain? The reason this question is so important is because one cannot work without the other. So an eye without the vision center of the brain would be useless. The most common answer is that they evolved at the same time. For evolution to be able to know when to evolve 2 things at the precise moments they are needed is to say evolution can tell time. Which again means there was intelligence involved. So this answer does not go along with random chance and accident mechanism of evolution.
    4. What programmed the vision center of the brain to be able to process what is seen by the eye so that we could process it and react to our surroundings? The vision center of the brain with no programming to process the information sent to it by the eye is like having a computer that has no operating system on it. It won’t work. Programing by random chance and accident is like claiming windows 95 evolved into windows 8 by accident while the computer sat in Bill Gates office for 20 years and no one touched it. Not going to happen.
    5. Claiming that the eye is not a design when it’s made just the right size, and the lens is curved at the right angles for us to focus and see, is like saying the Hubble Telescope is not a design either.Design: A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made.

    The math that can be used to show how the eye is the right size, and the lens is curved at the right angles so things are in focus shows by math itself that the eye was designed. And if not then evolutionists need to show how math that includes size and angles is done with no intelligence.

  • If we the most intelligent life on this planet cannot duplicate what exist or even life itself, why would we think that a non-intelligent force could do it? If you think about that, that’s an oxymoron logic. To claim that non-intelligence can do what intelligence cannot. So is being dumb smarter than smart?  Does not make any sense now does it?