Fibonacci numbers, The Golden Ratio, The finger print of God.

Atheists often ask: Where is the evidence for God? Most of the time the question cannot be answered. But when it is answered it’s also ignored…. We humans have a unique ID that leaves evidence where ever we go and everything we touch. Our finger prints are not the same even with billions of people on the planet no two finger prints are alike. So did God leave His finger print to show us that He created all that we see? Is it so unique that it can only be explained through an intelligent Creator? Something that science cannot explain. What you will see in the videos below will show you that math itself was used in every part of creation and out of all the variations that could exist one just happens to pop up all over the place. Making the odds of random chance not possible which means only an intelligent being could have done this.


If you like reading about stuff like this, here is another page on some more math that was used during creation that science cannot explain.