Lucy, is she really near human?

Lucy, is she really near human?

There really was not much to go on with the Lucy find. But as usual, evolutionists were willing to make assumptions based on zero evidence. Did Lucy have fully formed human feet and hands? What do you see in the evidence above that would indicate either? Nothing right? But the St Louis Zoo does not think so. They had a wax figure made for display of what Lucy supposedly looked like from the evidence found. And guess what? The wax figure had fully formed human hands and feet. Basically depicting what was not even there. Here are a couple of pictures of the wax figure.

Dr. David Menton (in the videos below) talks about why Lucy has been given human hands and feet and why this is wrong. It is another example of how evolutionists will make the evidence “conform” to the theory. This is what happens in science when a theory is deemed as a true proven fact. But doing this makes the theory unflasifiable, and therefore no longer a theory.

When evolution evidence is exposed as a fraud, the justification that evolutionist use is that another evolutionist exposed it. Showing that science is about self correction. The truth be told, only another evolutionist can correct another evolutionist. And even that is hard to accomplish because evolutionists never like to admit being wrong. I first exposed this deception on Saturday, May 12, 2007. Now if it comes up as a fraud, watch who gets credit for exposing this.

You see to allow a creationist to correct an evolutionist is to give creation credibility. A evolutionist would rather die a horrible death than to do this because creation and the Creator are their worst enemy. So it will never happen. So when a evolutionist boasts about it was another evolutionist that exposed a fraud, just remind them that only another evolutionist can correct another evolutionist. And they cannot prove otherwise because throughout evolution history, it has always been this way. So I guess you could say that this would be the direct definition of “self” correcting. Because only those who think as they do can correct them. It’s an oxymoron to use deception to try and prove a supposed true proven fact.

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