Ray Comfort and witnessing

Ray Comfort and witnessing

The video below is a demonstration of how people want a God on their own terms, and will even use Christ to justify their sins. The guy has already made up his own idea of where Heaven and Hell are.

There is a difference between cramming religion down someone’s throat and helping them make a decision as demonstrated in the video below. If Ray Comfort would have been worried about this, he would not have helped the guy. The problem today is that we Christians are to worried about offense. You have to think and ask yourself this question: Which is worse, offense or watching a person get thrown into the lake of fire? So watch the video below and notice that the guy wants to make a decision for Christ, he just does not commit. And that is the reason Ray Comfort helps him make the right decision.

The next video makes a very important point. It is not the Christian who saves a person, it is Christ. So when you witness to someone and they walk away, it has nothing to do with you. Their heart was not ready, so therefore God can do nothing. God cannot force himself upon someone who does not want Him. And freewill always has to exist in every circumstance. Freedom to chose always makes God’s judgment just. Without freedom there cannot be just judgment.

Total freedom means you had a choice in all that you did. And because of that freewill choice, God’s judgment is just because you are judged on the freewill choices you made in your life.

Not having freewill to choose is like being forced at gunpoint to rob a bank. Do it or die the guy says. How can you be judged on something there was no freewill choice? Or if someone holds your child at gunpoint and tells you to do something or she dies. No choice equals no freewill. Should a judge put you in jail because someone else made you sin? Can salvation be real if you are being forced to do it? Salvation is not just saying words, it’s a change of the heart that goes along with it. Which would you prefer:
1) Someone who says the words to get you off there back while you try and force salvation?
2) Or someone who says it and means it and has a change in their heart?

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