Ica stones, are they real?

The Incas were known for being far more advanced than anyone of that time. But to discredit the stones, the evolutionists took and made fun of their historic pictures that showed them doing all kinds of surgeries, just because they did not like the dinosaur pictures with men fighting them, or being killed by them. [...]

The Taylor trail, human and dinosaur foot prints.

The picture below is of the man who found the footprints, Mr. Taylor. Since then several more pictures have surfaced, including those altered by evolutionists in the attempt to discredit them. How these foot prints were uncovered, was that the river that runs through Dinosaur Valley State Park, washed away a huge slab of rock [...]

Burdick print, the truth about it.

Ever since they were introduced as evidence that debunks evolution. several claims have been made about them being frauds. Even accusations that creationists conspired to carve them and present as evidence. Even one creationist was accused (Carl Baugh) of doing this even though through all the accusations, no witness was ever provided. Then the attempt [...]

Mars Rover finds water on Mars?

In Oct 2010, NASA claims to find water on Mars, or did they? Here's the story: Discovery news (link). Notice the wording: Mar Rover Spirit finds "evidence" of water on Mars. Next claim: Mars rover finds "puddles" on the planet's surface (New Scientist Link). Then there is an update on the page that says: Update: [...]