Questions: Atheist, evolutionists, and old earthers refuse to answer.

Having debated many Evolutionists, I have heard just about everything (every answer to questions posed). As one Solomon said: "there is nothing new under the sun". And I find several questions that Evolutionists will refuse to answer. They will either: 1) Change the subject. 2) Dodge the question. 3) Ignore the question 4) Act stupid [...]

How did people live so long in the Old Testament?

According to what Young Earth Creationists believe about the earth having a Crystalline Canopy before the flood. Which was a semi solid dome that surrounded the earth. The weight of this canopy doubled the barometric pressure from what we currently observe. And because it was mainly consisted of  Metallic hydrogen, there was more free oxygen [...]

Plankton prove evolution wrong!

Most evolutionists will tell you that evolution is about life that "adapts to it's ever changing surroundings". But what if there were a life form that could change it's surroundings to suite it's needs? One that could actually control the weather so that the heat from the sun in the summer time won't kill it. [...]

Why was the Coccyx created?

The Coccyx not only has nerves that go through, but several muscles in the buttocks area are connected to this. Including some that help you evacuate. So with it removed you would have some problems. The evolutionists are trying to claim that the Coccyx (part of our tail bone) is left over from us evolving [...]