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Literal 6 Day Creation
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Literal 6 Day Creation
Literal 6 Day Creation
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Creationist fired for finding creation evidence.

Creationist was fired from job by a university for finding creation evidence and getting published on it. When you click on video it takes about 8 seconds before it plays so you can skip forward.

Butterflies use high tech technology in their wings.

Butterflies use the laws of physics to bend light to create color and art. And also use nano technology to do this which is an easy argument for design.

Is God a mathematician?

The universe is like one big math equation.


Atheist conversion


A 15 year old's amazing conversion.

Top 10 scientific Bible facts

Gang member now pastor

The above video shows by example what’s wrong with this culture where atheism philosophy is taught everywhere. The philosophy that there are no moral absolutes, and because of that no one can even define evil.

In the news:

The real reason Trump is hated so by the media and the left.

Not only because he exposed their “fake news”, but because he’s not afraid to mention Jesus and talk about salvation.

Trump not afraid to bring his Bible.

Atheists only sue Christian bakers.

Go to a Muslim bakery and they won’t bake your cake either. There is a reason atheists only target Christian bakers. The enemy (Muslims) of my enemy (Christians) is my friend. If this did not apply, show everyone where atheists go after Muslims or any other faith based belief like they do Christians and I’ll gladly apologize and delete this whole website. Truth hurts.

Target Stores never seem to learn

Seems another boycott is in order. First they allow men into the women’s bathrooms and dressing areas. if they say they identify as a woman. And there as been perverts caught peeking and filming women and girls with their phones. And now this.

Video proof that the target is Christians.

Several Muslim bakers shown rejecting to bake cakes for gays.

To end the never ending rumors and lies once and for all. Trump makes a bold move to shut up the never ending hate from the left.

If you support Trump, you are a Nazi, no joke.

Some of this stuff going on with the media and Trump was getting so silly I started to think there was some type of inner agenda that was not as apparent as what’s up front. But after watching this video put out by MSMBC I no longer think that. And that’s scary. Listen to this guy talking. Let’s not attack Trump anymore, let’s attack his supporters, is what he’s saying.