Dinosaur eggs with embryos

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Yunnan Province, China holds some very special eggs, containing the tiny bones of unborn sauropod dinosaurs. Within the Lufeng Formation, a relatively thin bed of red sediment contains these fossil eggs, mixed and buried amidst other fossils. While perhaps providing new clues to the ways sauropod dinosaurs developed from embryos, they also bear distinct marks of very recent flooding.

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Boy, could not have asked for a better FaceBook biases example than to have it happen right on an atheist page. Showing the same type of graphic violence as they were yet my image is the only one filtered.

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What a bunch of ignorant nonsense! The same people who witnessed for Christ as Lord & Savior are also the same people who put an end to slavery, lynchings, advanced civil rights, etc!

Double standards.

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The spectacular miracle of the resurrection confirmed that Jesus Christ was exactly who he claimed to be: the Son of God!

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Marcia Mills

Yes!! Amen!!

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Watch the FULL MOVIE The Fool FREELY right now on BananaManStory.com

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Watched this last night with my family. Brilliant work ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Nelson 🇳🇿

Watched it this morning, loved it. Great work Ray!


I'll catch it tonight after traveling.

Watched last night with Ken Ham. Great stuff!

Why does everyone glorify Ray? He made a claim to prove god which turned out to be a complete hoax and rather than admitting that continues to scam everyone on the idea that he was just kidding. Nope ray for many many years Truly believed he had atheists cornered and that he had the ultimate proof. Lol.

I watched it last night! Very interesting and entertaining. I figured out who Penn was! lol 🙂

Watched it and enjoyed it this afternoon with some family. So sad about Johan (I think that was the name of the man). I hope he had three seconds and repented and was saved! Sobering.

Just finished watching it. Loved it.

The book and movie are great. 💝

How about The Passion of the Christ?

Loved it

Phenjie Villacin what do you think of this? We can recommend this to the Bible group

You show great humility Ray.. guess you have a great teacher..great how God is using you

Great movie. I knew much of the history having followed you for years. However, you pieced it together nicely.

Haven’t seen it yet, but did watch the Atheist Delusion today, was a real encouragement to my faith

I just finished listening to this, and it was such an encouragement. We can see how God takes things we might perceive as a foolish mistake, and He and can even bring it to work out for His glory, "Banana Man" brought the Gospel to many atheists that without that illustration, may have never come to hear the Gospel and even give it out themselves!

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Watch the FULL MOVIE The Fool FREELY right now on BananaManStory.com

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Wow!! 🤩😇😍

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Life – Creation’s Secret

That a Living God created the universe and life is a more reasonable, sensible, and logical idea than assuming life created itself from dead chemicals.

Christian, creationary scientist Louis Pasteur helped formulate the Law of Biogenesis. Simply, biogenesis states that life can only come from life. There must be life to produce life; dead chemicals cannot spontaneously produce living organisms.

Before Pasteur, Francesco Redi also showed that life can only come from life. He wrote, “I shall express my belief that the earth, after having brought forth the first plants and animals at the beginning by order of the Supreme and Omnipotent Creator, has never produced any kinds of plants or animals, either perfect or imperfect; and everything which we know in past or present times that she has produced, came solely from the true seeds of the plants and animals themselves, which thus, through means of their own, preserve their species.”

Famed evolutionary scientist Carl Sagan often mentioned the two “secrets” of evolution: time and death. By “secrets” Dr. Sagan did not mean the ideas were unknown, but that those two ideas were the core of evolutionary thought. Death is necessary in the evolution model to make room for the development of new species. And, of course, the evolution model claims the first living things developed from dead chemicals.

The idea that death can produce life is unreasonable. The notion is falsified by the Law of Biogenesis.

Pasteur said, “The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator.” Pasteur realized that the “secret” of origins is life.

Only a living God could create and fashion the physical universe and the multitude of life it contains. 

This same Creator who produced life also experienced death in order to redeem His creatures from their sin. On Easter, Jesus demonstrated His victory over death by coming back to life. Not only was He able to create life originally, He was able to overcome death for us.

Learn more about creation www.creationresearch.org


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n case you did not know this. ~ Issac

He'll soon be disowned by the scientific community. but not before they destroy his credibility like they have done to so many already.

So when do the ridicule, personal attacks, and name calling start anyway? ~ Issac
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Hell soon be disowned by the scientific community. but not before they destroy his credibility like they have done to so many already.

So when do the ridicule, personal attacks, and name calling start anyway? ~ Issac

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Name: Monito del Monte
Status: Thought to be extinct until its rediscovery.
Information: A remarkable, diminutive marsupial thought to have been extinct until one was discovered in a thicket of Chilean bamboo in the southern Andes.
Thought to exist: 55 million years ago.
Reference: http://historysevidenceofdinosaursandmen.weebly.com/living-fossils.html
The fossilised ankle and ear bones are those of Australias earliest known marsupial, Djarthia, a primitive mouse-like creature that lived 55 million years ago. ..a new study in the journal PLoS ONE [http://www.plosone.org/] has confirmed that Djarthia is also a primitive relative of the small marsupial known as the Monito del Monte - or little mountain monkey - from the dense humid forests of Chile and Argentina.
Reference: http://www.create.unsw.edu.au/news/2008-03-25_monito.html
The monito del monte, Spanish for ‘little bush monkey’, named after its monkey-like partially prehensile tail, is a diminutive marsupial native to South America in the Valdivian temperate rain forests of the southern Andes (Chile and Argentina). It is the only extant species in the ancient order of Microbiotheria. ...Genetic studies show that this species retains the most primitive characteristics of its group, and thus is regarded as a “living fossil.”
reference: http://www.eartharchives.org/articles/scientists-uncover-two-new-species-of-elusive-south-american-marsupial/

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Your picture makes it seem like the two species shown are found 55 Ma apart even though they are both modern species. Rather, it was the genus Djarthia (whose exact taxonomic position is uncertain) that occurs in the Paleocene, as noted in the PLOS paper you provided. This graphic is either a misunderstanding or diliberate misrepresentation of the references cited. May I ask what formal training in paleontology the admin of this page has had?

We didn't claim the skulls were from a 55 million year old fossil, it is the references that claim Monito del Monte is regarded as a living fossil and thought to exist: 55 million years ago.

Colby, please stop spamming the contrasts. There is no need to post the same link multiple times, Thank you.

I was just doing a one shot on each post. I didnt even think anyone even looked at this page anymore. I apologize.

Looks like the Colbinator deleted his post 😭

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