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Creation Memes

Memes you can use in debates

Bible mentions evolution indirectly

Mixing Evolution and God together mocks God and the Bible gives warnings about doing this.

Butterflies use physics?

A non-intelligent process cannot use a process that requires knowledge to create.

Fossil Record

Without a time machine, who observed any of the claims made about the fossil record?

Speed of Light no longer constant.

Even though the speed of Light has been 1) Stopped 2) Slowed 3) Sped up to infinite speeds 4) And now altered in a vacuum....It's still being taught as truth in text books and by professors in this field.

Scientific Method

Atheists often like to act as if Theists are too unintelligent to work in science when they forget, that it was Theists who laid the foundations for how science works today.

Evolution and Racism

One of the things that atheists hide about their beloved theory is how it's history is deeply steep in racism. Evolution was the reason that our history had what is known as Human Zoos. It gave atheists a reason to cage all dark skinned peoples like animals to show how white man had evolved further than any other race.

What is Evolution's first cause?

Every theory has to have a first cause to start the process of all the other causes. Evolution has no first cause.

Granite Rock

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