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                             Is Hell Real?


Here's a dream someone had about the Death Angel.

Mossy oaks shroud my vacant house. The Death Angel is after me, I know I'll run and hide in different rooms. It's just a matter of time before the Death Angel finds me. The darkness offers little shelter. I know, I'll fix a trap outside the door to catch the Death Angel then he can't catch me! My sister has become caught in my trap for the Death Angel. She is screaming. But I can't stop to help her. I'm running, running for my life along a woodsy path. The Death Angel catches me by the back digging his claws in deep. And with his black wings he is flying higher and higher circling around and around, will he ever let me go? Finally he drops into the lake below. A soggy lake lined with stumps is where I'm sinking. Sinking to the botomless pit, never to rise again. People that used to know my name can't remember me anymore. I have vanished into enteral damnation.


Another account from someone who saw Hell. The Devine Revelation of hell by Mary K Baxter:


On March 1976, when Mary was praying in her house, Jesus Christ appeared to her at night and said :

I am Jesus Christ, your Lord, and I wish to give you a revelation to prepare the saints for My return and to turn many to righteousness. The powers of darkness are real and My judgements are true. My child, I will take you into hell by My Spirit, and I will show you many things which I want the world to know. I will appear to you many times; I will take your spirit out of your body and will actually take you into hell. I want you to write a book and tell of the visions and of all the things I reveal to you. You and I will walk through hell together. Make a record of these things which were and are and are to come. My words are true, faithful and trustworthy. I Am That I Am, and there is none beside Me.

At this, Mary began to praise God and was willing to be used by Him. Jesus then took Mary's soul out of her body and into the sky. At that point, Mary's soul could see her family and house below her; in fact, she had all her senses. Also, Jesus knew Mary's thoughts and comforted her when she was afraid.

Jesus and Mary went higher and higher into the sky, until they could see the earth below. Mary then saw long funnels protruding out of the earth. These funnels were all over the earth and could only been seen with the spiritual eye. Mary asked what these funnels were and Jesus replied that those were gateways to hell and that they are to go into hell through one of them.

Side note: Those funnels could have been worm hole, or a black hole. Think about it, portals to hell.

They soon entered into one of the funnels. Inside the funnel looked like a spinning tunnel, and yet there was deep darkness as well as a horrible smell. Evil spirits, dark grey in color, lined the tunnel. These spirits were embedded in the walls, yet were able to move and cry out. When Mary asked about these forms, Jesus said that they are evil spirits ready to be spat onto the earth, once Satan gives the orders.

Near the end of the tunnel, sharp screams can be heard. Jesus prepared Mary to what was to come by saying: We will soon enter the left leg of hell. Ahead you will see great sorrow, pathetic sadness and indescribable horror. Stay close to Me, and I will give you strength and protection as we go through hell. The things you are about to see are a warning. The book you write will save many souls from hell.  

Jesus later told Mary that hell has a body, just like a human form, lying on her back at the center of the earth. It is shaped like the body of a human, with many chambers of torment.

Left Leg of Hell

The sounds of people in torments were everywhere and there was a thick horrible odor. Many pits can be seen in the left leg of hell as well as evil spirits and demons. The pits were filled with fire and they were everywhere, as far as one can see. On closer inspection, the pits were shaped like a bowl, three feet deep and four feet across. There were red hot coals of fire on the side of each pit and in the center of the pit was a soul that has gone into hell. Fire would start at the bottom of the pit and rise up, engulfing the lost soul, leaving the soul caged in a burnt skeleton. These souls could feel the flames, as wails of regret and excruciating pain came from them. The fire would then die down, and then would rise up again, sweeping the tormented soul. This happened day and night.

A soul cried out to the Lord, Jesus, have mercy ! It was a voice of a woman in skeleton form, with a dirty gray mist inside, which was her soul. Flesh hung by her bones and she was hairless and eyeless. The woman cried out again and said: Lord, Lord, I want out of here ! Jesus face showed great sorrow and He said to Mary that she is here to let the world know that sin results in death and that hell is real. Mary looked at the woman again and saw worms crawling out of the bones; the worms were not harmed by the fire. Jesus said that the woman knows and feels those worms.

Jesus and Mary walked to the next pit. From this pit, a man's voice cried out Lord, have mercy on me... I'm so sorry, Jesus. Forgive me. Take me out of here. I have been in this place of torment for years. I beg You, let me out !   Great sobs shook this man. Jesus heard this man and He too was crying. Lord Jesus, the man cried, haven't I suffered enough for my sins ? It has been forty years since my death. Jesus said:

It is written, The just shall live by faith ! All mockers and unbelievers shall have their part in the lake of fire. You would not believe the truth. Many times My people were sent to you to show you the way, but you would not listen to them. You laughed at them and refused the gospel. Even though I died on a cross for you, you mocked Me and would not repent of your sins. My father gave you many opportunities to be saved. If only you had listened !  Jesus wept.

The man replied that he would repent now ! Jesus said It is too late, Judgement is set. The man then tried to persuade Jesus to let him go back on earth to tell his friends about hell, but Jesus said to him: They have preachers, teachers, elders  all ministering the gospel. They will tell them. They also have the advantages of the modern communications systems and many other ways to learn about Me. 

Jesus told Mary that hell is real and judgement is real. Also, this is only the beginning of many terrifying things He has to show her. Jesus said Tell the world for Me that hell is real, that men and women must repent of their sins.

In the next pit was a small framed woman about 80 years old. The woman had only one leg and there were drill holes in her hip. Mary asked about her and Jesus replied that this woman had surgery done because she had cancer. Christians came and wanted to pray and heal her, but she refused their help -instead, she blamed God for her condition and cursed the Savior. Jesus said "My spirit pleaded with her. Even after she had turned her back on Me, I still tried to draw her by My spirit, but she would not listen. At last she died and came here.

The woman cried out to Jesus, saying: Lord Jesus, please forgive me now I will be good. Haven't I suffered enough ? Why did I wait until too late ? Oh, why did I wait until Your Spirit quit striving with me? Jesus said to her that she had many chances to repent and to serve Him. The old woman cried as Jesus and Mary walked away sadly.

In the next pit was the skeletal form of a woman on her knees, apparently looking for something. Fire clung around her hands and flesh fell off her. She said: O Lord, O Lord, I want out. She managed to get herself to the top of her pit and just when she was going to get out, a large demon pushed her back into the burning pit. Mary was horrified at what she saw and pleaded for this woman. Jesus said:

My child, judgement has been set. God has spoken. Even when she was a child, I called and called her to repent and to serve Me. When she was sixteen years old, I came to her and said, I love you. Give your life to Me, and come follow Me, for I have called you for a special purpose. I called all her life, but she would not listen. She said, Someday I will serve You. I have no time for You now. No time, no time, I have my life of fun. No time, no time to serve You, Jesus. Tomorrow I will. Tomorrow never came, for she waited too long.

The woman cried to Jesus and said:

My soul is truly in torment. There is no way out. I know that I wanted the world instead of You, Lord. I wanted riches, fame and fortune, and I got it. I could buy anything I wanted: I was my own boss. I was the prettiest, best dressed woman of my time. And I had riches, fame and fortune, but I found I could not take them with me in death. O Lord, hell is horrible. I have no rest day or night. I am always in pain and torment.  My sweet Lord, if only I had listened to you ! I will regret that forever. I planned to serve You someday when I got ready. I thought You would always be there for me. But how wrong I was ! I was one of the most sought after women of my time for my beauty. I knew God was calling me to repent. All my life He drew me with His cords of love, and I thought I could use God like I used everyone else. He would always be there. Oh yes, I used God ! He would try so hard to get me to serve Him, while all the time I thought I didn't need Him. Oh, how wrong I was !

Right Leg of Hell

Jesus and Mary arrived at the left leg of hell, and again, screams can be heard everywhere and burning pits lighted the darkness. They stopped at a pit where there was a large framed man. He too was in skeletal form, but had ripped clothes and burning flesh hanging onto him. This man could be heard preaching the Gospel, holding a make believe bible. The Lord informed Mary that the man was a preacher of the Gospel and at one time, he spoke the truth and served God.

Jesus said to the man

Peace, be still and immediately, the man looked at Jesus. The man said Lord, now I will preach the truth to all the people. Now, Lord, I'm ready to go and tell others about this place. I know that while I was on earth, I didn't believe there was a hell, nor did I believe You were coming again. It was what people wanted to hear, and I compromised the truth to the people in my church. I made my own rules about heaven and right and wrong. I know that I led many astray, and I caused many to stumble over Your Holy Word Lord, let me out, and I will do right.

Jesus answered the man and said

You not only distorted and misrepresented the Holy World of God, but you lied about not knowing the truth. The pleasures of life were more important to you than truth. I visited you Myself and tried to turn you around, but you would not listen.You knew the way of the cross. You knew the way of righteousness. You knew to speak the truth. You should have repented with sincerity, not halfway. My Word is true. It does not lie. And now it is too late, too late.

As Jesus and Mary walked past another pit, a woman in a pit threw out her hands to Jesus and said. Let me out of here. I will give You my heart now, Jesus. I will tell others about Your forgiveness. I will witness for You. I beg You, please let me out ! Jesus said: My Word is true, and it declares that all must repent and turn from their sins and ask Me to come into their lives if they are to escape this place.

The woman then asked if there is anyway out of Hell. Jesus said with compassion, Woman, you were given many opportunities to repent, but you hardened your heart and would not. And you knew My Word said that all whoremongers will have their part in the lake of fire.

Jesus later told Mary that the woman had gone to church just to seduce men, resulting in many broken marriages. Despite this, Jesus sent many of His servants to convince her to repent, but she would not. Satan then entered into her and she become bitter and unforgiving. Part of her wanted to serve Jesus, but you can't serve God and Satan at the same time. Everyone has to make a choice.

More pits

Jesus and Mary walked past many burning pits and many bony hands tried to reach out to them. The people in hell still had all their senses and could feel the fire, the worms and the frustration and hopelessness of their situation. They stopped at a pit which contained a woman.

Jesus said to the woman:

While you were on earth, I called you to come to Me. I pleaded with you to get your heart right with Me before it was too late. I visited you many times in the midnight hour to tell you of My love. I wooed you, loved you and drew you to Me by My Spirit. Yes Lord, you said, I will follow You, With your lips you said you loved Me, but your heart did not mean it. I knew where your heart was you wanted the world and not Me.

The woman said to Jesus You remember Lord, how I went to church and was a good woman. I joined the church. I was a member of Your church. I knew Your call was on my life. I knew I had to obey that call at all costs, and I did.

Jesus said:

Woman, you are still full of lies and sin. I called you, but you would not hear Me ! True, you were a member of a church, but being a church member did not get you to heaven. You would not forgive others when they hurt you. You pretended to love and serve Me when you were with Christians, but when you were away from Christians, you lied, cheated and stole,  you also had a double tongue. You talked about your brothers and sisters in Christ. You judged them and thought you were holier than they, when there was gross sin in your heart. You played with God, and God knows all things. If you had sincerely served God, you would not be here today.

Jesus and Mary then went to the next pit and there, they saw a skeletal form of a woman. The woman saw Jesus and said: Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by Him. Jesus is the Light of the World. Come to Jesus, and He will save you.

Mary wondered why a woman will preach the Gospel here and Jesus said that he had called this woman to preach the Gospel (the good news of Jesus) at the age of thirty. This woman answered her calling by doing many good works and grew in the knowledge of God. One day, she found out her husband was having an affair with another woman. Her husband had asked for forgiveness, but she was bitter and wouldn't forgive him. As Jesus described it, "Murder grew in her heart where love had once been. And one day, in her anger, she killed her husband and the other woman. Satan then took her over completely, and she killed herself.

The woman said to Jesus: I will forgive now Lord. Let me out. I will obey You now. See, Lord, I am preaching Your Word now. In an hour demons will come to take me to be tormented even worse. For hours they will torture me. Because I was preaching your Word, my torments are worse. Please, Lord, I beg You to let me out.

Activity in Hell

Jesus told Mary that they were going into the belly of Hell. He said to tell her readers that Satan and the demon powers are for real and to go against such powers, Christians need to humble themselves, turn from their evil ways and pray to Jesus. Then He will hear from heaven and heal us of our land and body.

As they walked on, they could hear the chilling cries of a man. Jesus said:

What you are about to see and hear is true. Take heed you ministers of the gospel, for these are faithful and true sayings. Awake, evangelists, preachers, and teachers of My Word, all of you who are called to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are sinning, repent or you will likewise perish.

As they walked closer to the noise, they could see twelve small dark figures marching around a coffin. These dark figures were demons holding spears and they were talking and laughing. There was a small opening in the coffin and that's where the demons inserted their spears.

Jesus explained:

Child, there are many souls in torment here, and there are many different types of torment for these souls. There is greater punishment for those who once preached the gospel and went back into sin, or for those who would not obey the call of God for their lives.

Inside the coffin was a man who kept saying: No hope, no hope! On closer inspection, the soul of the man was in a gray mist form, which filled the coffin and inside the soul was a heart. The spears literally pierced his heart and blood was everywhere.

The man saw Jesus and said: Lord, Lord, let me out. Have mercy. I will serve You now, Lord. Lord, I will now preach the true gospel. I will tell about sin and hell. But please help me out.

Jesus informed Mary that the man was a minister of the Gospel and at one time, had served Jesus with all his heart. However, the lust of the flesh and the desire for money had deceived him. He stole from the church offerings as well as teach lies. For example, he taught that the Holy Ghost baptism was a lie and that unrepentant drunkards would go to heaven. This preacher even said that God was too good to send anyone to Hell. Jesus said "He caused many good people to fall from the grace of the Lord. He trampled My Holy Word under his feet. Yet, I continued to love him. My child, it is better to have never known Me than to know Me and turn back from serving Me.

Jesus explained that now Satan torments this man because he once preached God's Holy Word and saved souls for God's Kingdom, this is his torment. Jesus looked at the man and said that this man caused many to stumble and that many souls are here in hell because of him.

Jesus informed Mary that the time of the end is very near and that He will come back for His church at a time we think not. His words of encouragement were I will protect you from evil. I will keep you in all your ways. I will save you. I will save your loved ones. Call upon Me today and live.

The Belly of Hell

The next night, they entered hell again. They were at a wide open area and many demons and evil entities could be seen gathered in one area. In this area, one can see many souls in torment and the semi-darkness was often interrupted by sharp screams of pain and regret. Jesus said to Mary: Child, Satan is both the deceiver on earth and the tormenter of souls in hell. Many of the demonic powers seen here also go up on the earth at times to hurt, afflict and deceive.

In this area, there were cell blocks; these cells were arranged in a circle and seventeen miles high. Jesus told Mary that one day, death and hell will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Hell is a temporary holding place until that day comes.

The Cells in Hell

Jesus informed Mary that many of the souls in these cell blocks were in witchcraft or the occult, such as sorcerers, mediums, drug dealers, idol worshipers and evil people with familiar spirits. Screams and moans can be heard coming from all over the cells. Jesus explained that in hell, there are different torments for different souls and Satan administers those torments.

Jesus and Mary walked to a cell which contained an old lady seated in a rocking chair. Mary was surprised to see a real woman with a body. The woman was crying.

Mary was then surprised as she saw the woman change forms, to an old man, then to a young woman, then middle-aged woman and then back to the old lady; even the clothes changed. When the old woman saw Jesus, she cried: Lord, have mercy on me. Let me out of this place of torment. She then changed her form again, to a man, then a woman, and back to the old lady.

Jesus explained that the woman practiced witchcraft and as well as taught others witchcraft. Satan also tricked her in believing that she would receive a kingdom of her own, as a reward for serving him. When she died, she praised Satan and came here. She then asked Satan for her kingdom, but he mocked her and said: Did you think I would divide my kingdom with you ? This is your kingdom. And he locked her in this cell and tortures her.

Jesus told Mary that this woman was a witch and taught both white and black witches on the occult. One of her tricks was to change from a youthful woman, to a middle-aged woman, to an old woman and then to an old man. She did this to show off her power to lesser witches. Now, she cannot control her changes and keeps changing from one form to another, and with each change, her flesh is ripped away; her real form is a misty soul inside a skeleton. Jesus said "Satan uses her for his evil purposes and taunts and mocks her. Every so often she is brought back before Satan to be tormented for his pleasure.

The Horrors of Hell

They walked to another cell and could see another woman in great pain. Her bones were burned and decaying flesh were falling off the bones. Worms could be seen crawling out of her flesh and bones.

The woman was holding a rag doll and, like the woman before, was sitting in a rocking chair. She was crying profusely.

Jesus explained that on earth, this woman was a servant of Satan; in fact, she had gained great favor with Satan because of all the evil she had done. She was the equivalent of a preacher of Satan. In fact, she had sold her soul to Satan and thus had the strongest kind of satanic power. Many people who sell their souls to the Devil think they will live forever, but in reality, will die a horrible death and will end up in these cells. These servants of Satan work as palm readers, mediums.

After this woman died, she was brought before Satan. She angrily asked why she no longer had control of the demons (on earth, she had control over them) and demanded that Satan keep his promise of giving part of his kingdom to her. Satan said to her: I deceived you and used you all those years. I will never give you my kingdom. The Devil also said to her: you did serve me well on earth. You brought me more than 500 souls. He then lied and said: Your punishment will not be as bad as the others.

Jesus later said: The way to heaven is the same for all people. You must be born again to enter the kingdom of God. You must come to the Father in My name and repent of your sins. You must sincerely give your heart to God and serve Him.

Outer Darkness

This night, Jesus and Mary walked past a group of demons who were praising Satan. Mary heard the demons say: We will go to this house today and torment those that are there. We will get more power from Lord Satan if we do this right. Oh, yes, we will cause a lot of pain and sickness there and much grief to them all. One demon said: We will have to watch very carefully for those who believe in Jesus, for they can cast us out. Another demon replied: But we are not going to those who know Jesus and the power of His name.

Jesus explained that His Holy Angels protect His people from these evil spirits. These angels also protect the unsaved, even though the latter don’t know it. This is why the gospel must be preached to everyone, to protect the believer from evil.

Then Jesus showed Mary a place called "outer darkness". Mary could hear weeping and gnashing of teeth; there was total hopelessness in this place. There, a very large man about thirty fee tall, who appeared to be an angle, held a very large disk on his left hand. On the outer edge of the disk was blackness and on the center was fire; souls could be seen swimming in the sea of fire. Jesus said to Mary: This is outer darkness. Remember that my Word says, The children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Jesus explained that these were His servants who turned their backs on Him, and chose to not stand for truth or holiness.

He said that it is better to not start than to turn back from serving Him. However, if you repent, Jesus will forgive you of your sins, but if not, then He will come when you least expect Him and will cut you off with the unbelievers, to be cast into outer darkness. Then Jesus said to tell His servants to be faithful and to call on His name.

The Right Arm of Hell

Jesus took Mary to a river; on closer inspection, the river was on fire and full of blood. As they walked closer, Mary could see souls chained together and the weight of the chain dragged the souls underneath the lake of fire. Cries of regret could be heard. Jesus explained that these souls are unbelievers and people who chased after their fleshly desires, doing what was unnatural. They were men loving men and women loving women, who would not repent of their sins.

The Center of Hell

Mary heard a voice saying: Help me. It's so painful.  Mary could see a woman in a cell with a real pair of eyes looking at them. The woman said: Lord, I will do what is right now. I once knew You, and You were my Savior. As she said this, her flesh begin to burn and all she was left with were bones. The woman continued:

You even healed me of cancer. You told me to go and sin no more lest a worse thing come upon me. I tried,

Sorry, but the story ends here because of copyright laws. But the book can be ordered. The name of book is at the top of this page.

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