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Page updated: Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The video below will explain what the rest of this page will be talking about.


So what is it about our earth that makes it so unique?

1) A clear atmosphere. Without a clear atmosphere, we would not receive the warmth of the sun to heat the planet enough to sustain life. Plants could not survive because their main survival mechanism, photo synthesis, would not work without sunlight. We could not see if the atmosphere was not clear. etc...

2) A harmful ray filter. Since we have a clear atmosphere, both good and bad rays from the sun can come through it. For this we have a bad ray filter called the ozone layer. It filters bad rays in the 90% range, but allows most all the good rays in. My question would be: How can a filter like this form and know exactly what to filter, and where the best place to be in order to do it?

3) A breathable atmosphere.

The atmosphere is primarily composed of Nitrogen (N2, 78%), Oxygen (O2, 21%), and Argon (Ar, 1%). A myriad of other very influential components are also present which include the water (H2O, 0 - 7%), "greenhouse" gases or Ozone (O, 0 - 0.01%), Carbon Dioxide (CO2, 0.01-0.1%). This mixture is just perfect to support life, and do all the other things mentioned.

4) Water. Water covers about 3/4 of our planet. When it rains, it not only waters the plants. But it cleans the air we breathe. Water also has the correct temperature range to complete the hydro logic water cycle. Hydro logic cycle: water movement cycle from the atmosphere to the earth and back again through these steps: evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, percolation, runoff, and storage.

a) Water becomes solid at 32 degrees F.

b) Water is liquid between 33-211 degrees F

c)  Water turns to gas at 212 degrees F.

And water is the only substance found in three forms on our planet. If the temperature for water to make these changes (solid, liquid, gas) were all off just by 10 degrees, how much different would our world be? How much would this affect our weather? You go 10 degrees in one direction, you would have extra moisture in the air (more rain and storms). Go the other, and the air would be a lot drier (less moisture). This is why global warming has such an affect on us. Instead of changing the water temp boundaries, just change the temp on the planet and the weather goes nuts.

So as you can see, the temp in which the water goes through the three phases is fine tuned to the temp of the planet. Change either, and this would be a very different world to live in.

5) Water filter. In most areas, we have a natural water filter that is part of our planet. The water seeps into the ground. And as it gets deeper, it is filtered and cleaned naturally as it seeps through different rock and sand sediments layers. Anyone who has a deep well knows this.

6) Water and life. Water is essential for life to exist on any planet. But because a planet has water, it does not mean it can sustain life. Why? Can you drink water out of a dirty ditch? Water has to be clean and without toxins to support life. Earth has that. So if science tries to say: Another planet has life because it has water, ask what condition that water is in. Is it life sustainable, or a deadly toxin? They can't answer, only assume.

7) A moon that filters water? The moon controls the tides, as it's gravity pulls upon the water as it orbits the earth. Having high and low tides pulls the impurities from our shorelines, rivers and streams into the deep sea where microbes can feed on it. Our waste becomes their food. Without this cleansing of tides, our rivers, streams, and oceans would stink beyond what you could imagine.

8) Non-Sterile ground. A sterile ground (no microbes), cannot support plant life. Even on planets that have water. Earth has both water, and a non-sterile ground for plants to grow . Also, life does not form as easy from nothing, as the hoax of the Stanley Miller experiment  has shown us.

9) Four seasons. The four seasons allow plants to grow, produce, die, hibernate, etc... It is the cycle, plant life requires to exist. And earth has this.

Side note: The number four also apply to:

1) Four regions  North, South, East, West.
2) Four elements  Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
3) Four Seasons  Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
4) Four kingdoms  Mineral, vegetable, animal, spiritual..
5) Four winds  from the four directions of this earth as mentioned in the word of God.
6) Four divisions of our day.  morning, noon, evening, and night.
7) Four phases of the moon  1st quarter, new moon, last quarter, and full moon.

10) Earth's spin. The earth day is 24 hours. This is perfect for a warming up period, while in the sun light. And a cooling off period while not in the sun light. If the earth's spin where half the speed it is now, the days would be to hot, and the nights would be to cold. Most plants would die. And even all life would be in danger. So a 24 hour spin, per day works out great for all forms of life. And earth has that.

11) The earth's tilt on it's axis. The earth's tilt allows the four seasons spoke of in number 9 of this list. The tilt is caused by the orbit of the moon. So not only does the moon control tides (number 7), but it holds the earth in it's tilt so we can have the four seasons required for plant life.

12) Earth's orbit. The earth orbits our sun in 365 days. Within this 365 days, our 4 seasons occur because of the earth's tilt. The amount of time passes for one years seems just right for all that it contains for all life on earth to exist.

13) Earth's distance from the sun. The earth falls right into the right distance from the sun to sustain life. How important is this? If the earth were one degree closer, or further away. Life could not exist here. So exact placement is needed for life to exist.

14) Earth's age. Science says the earth is over 4 billion years old. I agree. But age is different from the appearance of age. Why? God created life fully formed and of age. Why could He not also create physical objects with the appearance of age as well? So the earth is 4 billion years old, but it was created less than 10,000 year ago. Why do this? A 6,000 year old earth would not be fully formed, and would still be hot. A 4.3 billion year old earth would not be. So God created a 4.3 billion year old earth 6,000 years ago, because it would be perfect to support life that He would see fit to place upon it. This is why everything in the universe dates differently. God knew at what age everything had to be in order for it all to work together as we see it today.

Example of creation of things with the appearance of age:

 1) Creation of animals. Some animals are hatched from eggs. Did God say: I created eggs and baby animals? Besides, how would most baby animals survive without the parents. Can baby birds survive with the adult birds feeding them? So animals were created fully formed and capable of surviving.
 2) Man and woman were created fully formed and capable of surviving. God did not say that He created a man child, or a woman child.

So why could not God create a earth that was fully formed, and of age to support the life that was on it? Why would He make the creation of physical things any different from how he created living things? Are a few years of creating life fully formed any different from creating a planet that is a few billion years fully formed to support that life? After all, He is an eternal being, which means time has no affect on Him.

15) Age of the sun. Our sun is stable enough for life to exist on our planet. Science says that our sun is 10 billion years old, based on what they know about other stars like it. Again, I would agree about the age because that was what was needed to have life on earth. So a 10 billion year old sun was created 6000 year ago. Fully formed and stable.

16) Moon's distance from earth. The moon is placed at a perfect distance from our earth. If it were closer, it would make the tides so high it would flood the earth every 24 hours. It would also pull upon the earth's crust with such force, we would have constant earthquakes, and of large magnitude. Further away, and it could not sustain the earth's tilt, and our high and low tides would not be enough to pull the impurities of our shorelines, rivers and streams, into the deep sea.

17) The moon's orbit. The moon's rotation is sync, or locked, to be the same as it's orbit. And is the reason we can only see one side of it. The moon's orbit is so precise, it holds the earth at a 23 degree tilt which does many things for life to exist on earth.

18) The earth's gravity. Some planets have such a strong gravity, that life would not be possible regardless of all the other conditions. So the strength of gravity is important. And earth has it just right for life to exist. The earth's gravity also allows the moon to be where it is at. For if it were stronger, the moon would be closer. Weaker, and it would be further. Read number 16 to see what happens when these things occur.

19) The moon's gravity. It's pretty much the same thing as the earth's gravity. Only that the moon does not support life. But if it's gravity were different, it would affect life on earth. So the moon and earth are a perfect match in gravity and for distance, for what the moon needs to do for life to exist.

20) Sun's gravity. The sun being stable, means it gravity is stable.  If this were not so, life on earth could not exist.  If the sun changed gravity strength. We would either get pulled closer to it, which would cook us. Or we would drift further away, which would freeze us. So a stable sun is needed for life on earth, and earth has this. But, how did this gravity stay stable for the amount of time, as science says, life has been here?

21) Sun's heat. A sun that changes in heat radiation, would either burn us up, or freeze us to death. And nothing would have to move in order for this to happen. For if the sun suddenly became 5% weaker, we would freeze to death. 5% stronger, and all plants would die, and we would cook. The temperature of our planet is just right for life to exist, and for water to go through the process from liquid to gas, then back to liquid. This not only allows For the air that we breathe to be cleaned, but it allows for the plants to be watered.

22) Earth's magnetic field, and the size of the earth. The sun bombards our planet with solar wind. This solar wind has the capability to strip our planet of it's atmosphere which would destroy all life as we know it. But, just like with our ozone layer of protection of the sun's rays (number 2), we have a magnetic shield that deflects this solar wind and protects our atmosphere. But, there is another thing that has to be just right for this to happen. And that is the size of our planet. If earth were smaller, the magnetic field could not extend far enough, into space, to deflect the solar wind around it's atmosphere to the degree that it does. Because a smaller planet has a weaker magnetic field. And our atmosphere would be destroyed. And all life with it. So not only is size important to our placement in orbit (number 12), our moon's orbit and distance (number 16 and 17), but now we see that this same size is needed for the protection of our atmosphere. Here is an computer generated graphic that illustrates what the solar wind does, and how our magnetic field extends out into space to protect our life sustaining atmosphere.


Back ground Graphic property of: Illustra media-The Privileged Planet.

Flash Animation added by Webmaster and owner of Yec Headquarters.

Side note from webmaster: Science claims to know so much about how everything works in our solar system. Through this knowledge they answer questions as if the answers were absolute truth. But given the actual facts of the matter, they know very little about our universe. In order to really know how it all works, there would have to be a formula that can be applied to everything. But do they have this formula? Nope! And they are not even close to figuring it out. For if anyone were to ask about every detail about how things are the way they are, plus why. You would soon find that the scientist your speaking to, would get mad at your questions? Why? Because not knowing makes them look stupid. So, if they are coming here to attack the info that is presented, and I know that they already are. My question would be: If your such a smart scientist, please give us the mathematical formula that makes all things work the way they do.... You can't? O well.

And why is it that these facts, that are presented here, are not presented on science websites, even though they are there? Could it be that science does not want anything showing that may point to a Creator? Or could it be that such information brings up questions they cannot answer? Don't want to look stupid now do we? So we will poke fun at the creationist site so it will look stupid instead. Must be more of that scientific method being applied.

As you read all of the different variables that allow life to exist on earth, ask yourself this question, when someone makes the comment: All of these things happened because there was enough time for them to happen. Or one chance means it will happen, and because we can see it, it did happen...... If it happened so easy here, why does no other planet have life? Because our magnetic field could have had no affect on solar wind , or even attracted it instead of repelled it. This one law of repelling solar wind not working would have made life impossible on this planet, or any other.

Solar Wind stops for two days, and NASA is baffled:

On may 10, 1999. The Solar Wind from the sun stopped  ("link".actually dropped to 2% of it's normal density, that's 98% drop!). NASA sat on this story for 5 months because they could not explain it. The smartest minds in the world were so worried their reputations of knowing so much would be in question. You see, through NASA, science has built a reputation of being the smartest minds. And because of this, what they say or claim is considered golden by the population, and by their peers. So how does the smartest minds in the world answer questions thrown their way, in which they know nothing about? You wait and sit on the story until it's old enough that no one cares.

But this occurrence affected the earth, and could have affected all living things upon it. The earth's magnetic field, which is usually blown back from the force of the solar wind, was able to extend forward and outward 500-600%. We also had a 105 second Gamma ray burst, which is a lot longer than usual when this happens. And it happened at the same time the Solar Wind stopped. And this burst was unusually intense.

So while NASA was monitoring, was God giving a warning?

The thing that the smartest minds in the world do not want to ponder, or try and explain. Is that not only can the solar wind decrease, but it can increase as well. If the density output from the sun were to increase 50% or more, we would probably not be here to talk about it. I believe this was one reason it was sat on by NASA for 5 months because this question would arise, and it's a question they have no answer for. Because when the density decreased, it could have been followed by a 2 day increase. And NASA was actually monitoring this, and hoping this would not happen (my opinion). And when they figured all was safe, they reported the event.

NASA is a group of scientists who mainly believe that the earth is billions of years old. The Solar Wind event puts that into question because our sun has not been a constant stable sun while the earth was forming. But this has been an ignored issue of those who believe in old earth. Evolutionists have been denying that the magnetic field of the earth is decaying. In fact they have come up with the polar flip idea (link) to explain this away. And just use the Polar flip as a god did it type excuse where the earth just flips it's poles to correct it's magnetic weakening field. Why? Because a constant weakening field points to a biblical time-line, and a young earth creation.

And because a younger sun is a stronger sun. It's Solar Wind output density would have been stronger as well. Which would have hindered any early formation of an atmosphere, or life that would have been contained within it. Also a younger sun would have been larger, which poses even more problems for the early earth. This is why evolutionists deny that the sun is shrinking as it ages. All stars shrink as they age. Why? Solar Wind is the sun spewing out 100 million tons of matter every second.

 100 million tons of matter per second.  6 billion tons of matter a minute.
 366 billion per hour.  8 trillion 784 billion tons of matter per day.

etc... You cannot lose that much matter without losing mass. So the sun does shrink, and the smartest minds in the world ignore it because it does not go along with their old earth theory. A larger sun means more surface area. More surface area means more Solar Wind density. More Solar Wind density means no life could exist or form on early earth because a atmosphere forming would have been stripped away by the higher density Solar Wind from a larger sun. I believe that a 1-3% increase in the surface area of the sun would produce enough solar wind that an atmosphere forming on the earth would be impossible. So if you take the figures above and start applying billions of years, how far back can you go before these conditions exist which means no life for planet earth?

Remember, because of the polar flip idea, the magnetic field can never be to strong for life to exist. Which also means it cannot ever be strong enough to deflect the increase of Solar Wind from a younger, and much larger sun. So the decrease of Solar Wind would have made scientists around the world ponder the things I have listed here. And would have started asking questions that would have put into question the foundations laid that support old earth, and evolution. So to keep this from happening, they sat on the event long enough so that no one would care, and no one would question the intelligence of the conclusions of origins they have come up with so far.

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