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Evolution is a Lie FaceBook page is where I now post and debate. The posts on this page updates every 24 hours for each FB page listed here. So visit often to get the latest news from several creation ministries in one place. With the ability to also comment and debate. ~ Issac

Still fighting the God they claim does not exist.I wonder when atheists will figure it our that their supposed logic, reason, and freethinking cant explain people who constantly spend time fighting a being that they say does not exist? Either they have to admit they are stupid, or that they are in denial. ~ Issac

Still fighting the God they claim does not exist.

I wonder when atheists will figure it our that their supposed logic, reason, and freethinking can't explain people who constantly spend time fighting a being that they say does not exist? Either they have to admit they are stupid, or that they are in denial. ~ Issac
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2 days ago

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Elias MusondaI dont fight anything

2 days ago

Brad WillThey did an "expose" on Ken Ham here in Australia. In the ad, they had Bill Nye with a tiny snippet that had him saying, "His followers believe he is the messiah...."And they left it at that in the ad. Completely wrong context of course. None of the people around Ken Ham believe he is some kind of cult-leading messiah. But they tried to paint that picture in the ad.So disgusting. Their raging at this, only makes it better and better. The atheists have helped the Ark Encounter from Day 1 with their protests. Every time they protest, they make it more publicised and better than it was before.

2 days ago   ·  9

Donny BudinskyI wish they would get kent hovind to debate bill nye n put nye to shame

2 days ago   ·  6

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Theresa JohnsonI found it quite amusing that Bill admitted what caused the Big Bang was essentially a mysterious magic...but as an athiest, he ridicules Christians for believing in something with no beggining that can do miraculous 'magical' things! He also had a lot of "I don't know" answers, which really looks bad when you claim to know without a doubt that there is no God!

2 days ago   ·  4

Sam Davis JohnsonI would say something intelligent. But nye doesn't, why should I. We should just get any one of the hundreds of little kids who've watched Kent Hovind's materials to just nail bill to the wall.

2 days ago   ·  2

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Jim HelmsI call people like Nye, "Darwinian Fundamentalist". Trying to have a rational discussion with such close minded people is an exercise in futility

2 days ago   ·  2

Roger MakaDon't drink the kool aid guys

2 days ago   ·  2

Jd JohnsonHave you noticed the Christians have not mounted a huge campaign against the "Magical Flying Spaghetti Monster" ? It's because he doesn't exist, so we don't need to address it. If God did not exist, the SAME method would make Him go away.

2 days ago   ·  3

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Philip BolinLol I hope he comes to my state, I wrote these people and they did the standard I don't understand science thing because I told him observation is needed. They didn't write back after I wrote back after that.

2 days ago

Jerry LanningLol Bill Nye isn't a scientist, he simply plays one on tv. Clooney was great in ER but I wouldn't want him to perform my surgery.

2 days ago   ·  1

Sheila WestWhy, oh why, are you giving this advertisement face time????

1 day ago

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YJ KimThis will just give the Ark Encounter more publicity and make people more aware of it, so yes, by all means, Bill, talk about it. In the meantime, see all of you in July!

1 day ago   ·  1

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Dave BrownThis is what atheists find valuable enough to spend their time on--protesting the Ark Encounter? They moan about how there's so much evil in the world, but they do nothing about it--instead, they pester people who believe differently than they do.Unreal.

1 day ago

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Michael HartIt is truly disappointing that so many people could become THAT dumbed-down and completely lacking in any sophisticated critical thinking skills.It's just more evidence that we used to me much smarter on average - even the atheists of 100-200 years ago admitted that Judeo-Christian values served as a force for good - even if they didn't believe in the Judeo-Christian God. And many were quoted saying that they wanted nothing to do with attacking religion in their pursuit of establishing evolutionism as the new mainstream scientific theory of origins.

1 day ago   ·  1

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Michael HartIt's funny - this is coming from people who derive their atheistic theories from a theologian. Darwin had no scientific degree whatsoever - he majored in theology.

1 day ago   ·  1

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Still fighting the God they claim does not exist.I wonder when atheists will figure it our that their supposed logic, reason, and freethinking can't explain people who constantly spend time fighting a being that they say does not exist? Either they have to admit they are stupid, or that they are in denial. ~ Issac
Yep. They should be at least 18 before such decisions can be made and they should make them, not the parents. ~ Issac
Some jokes are just so corny they are funny. ~ Issac
Evolution mind games.If atheists had the evidence that they claim to prove evolution, they would not need the mind games. ~ Issac
Child abuse?Atheists become so desperate that they deem anything else but evolution is child abuse. What a joke. ~ Issac
How much time do militant atheists spend trying to disprove what they claim never happen or does not exist?Here is a youtube channel of one of the most famous fanatical militant atheists on youtube. I think he just likes to hear himself talk. And I think he thinks he's the foremost authority on everything. I wonder how much time he has lost fighting against things he claims does not exist? He's been around for a while now and he still has a following. But a lot of people have gotten tired if his continual dribble.~ Issac
And if you make people think they will be accepted as being smart, logical, and with reasoning skills, they will believe. ~ Issac
I've seen both OECs (old earth creationists) and atheists use this argument.For the OECs, here's just another way that your belief has to go against the Bible in order to believe it.For the atheists who will claim this plus not enough water on the earth anyway. here's your own side disproving that. you are wrong you're wrong. ~ Issac
Warning, this post maybe offensive to some.Yep, stores show their support for anti-family values and that they do not care about the safety of your children. I hope all of them come out of the closet on this so we will all know who not to do business with.This time people, stick to your guns. Don't do this then when they recant because their bottom line was hurt go back and shop. These companies need to know that their anti-family values are not welcome here. Because if we do not make an example of them, then others will do the same thing because they know we won't stick to the boycott.Don't be surprised when Disney, Burger King, and Home Depot join in. They also support this. If you don't believe me here are some videos on this.Home Depot holding gay marriages in the stores: Gay Days: King: Issac
New atheist tactic to do drive by trolling aka comment and run. ~ Issac
A question a lot of people are wondering about. ~ Issac
I just read this on Google. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. I wonder if they will be making a percentage off the tips? What am I thinking, of course they will lol. ~ IssacCorrection: of = off in the pic.
The atheist flawed logic in the rejection of Christ.As believers we need to understand that there are some who do not want to be saved and that God gives them that freewill choice to reject Him if they so choose. God does not send people to Hell because He likes to, God respects their choice to go there.True love requires choice. Forced love is fake love. So God is not going to force anyone into Heaven that has chosen not to go there. And when in Hell the atheist will figure out that it was not God who put them there, but their choice to reject Him.Jesus never chased anyone. He gave them the choice to believe or not. If they rejected He moved on. So when we constantly try to reach a person that clearly wants nothing to do with God, are we being like Christ? If Jesus had chased people and kept trying to save them, how many people would He have reached in His ministry? Not many.There is a reason that constantly going after someone is wrong who clearly says they are not interested. To pester them is to cause offense. Offense of the gospel causes those who have made the choice to reject also hate God. As to the reason there are so many militant atheists.And to constantly go after someone who clearly rejects God also can lead to what's known as false conversion. Where you wear them down until they give in. Giving in is not a heart felt decision. Then once you lead them to Christ God knows their heart was not into their decision so His saving power does not save them. Even though they are told by that believer they are saved,This causes another type of offense because they believe you telling them they are saved then find they do not feel the way other Christians do. And that the promises are empty because not being saved they do not apply. So they feel duped, lied to. And therefore become God hating atheists. Hell bent on getting revenge for being duped.This is why they are driven to get at us and hate the God we have accepted. You can't force someone to love something because then that love is not real. Jesus knew this as to the reason He never forced it upon people. Our only mission is to plant seeds that will grow and later turn into a good decision, and give the choice not force it. ~ Issac
So desperate to prove evolution.They will take one fossil and claim that it's another species. Remember, these are supposed to be the smartest minds in the world doing this. Issac
Things that make you go Hmm. ~ Issac
Atheists often like to blame religion for all wars.As usual real actual history proves them wrong once again. ~ Issac
The atheist move to stifle Christian and creation subject videos from YouTube.How should we respond when we run into this bias? If they won't watch the video then they are not listening to what you say either. They are there to argue and waste your time. So when they pull this stunt just say: If you won't watch what the video I posted then I also gather you are not even listening to what I say. And because of that I will no longer be debating you.The atheist goal is to have complete control of any debate they are involved in. Asserting that control is to tell you what they will and will not accept as viable data. Or that you need a certain education, or have you ever been peer reviewed etc...The response to these things is to dish the same measure of bias they dished to you. Turn their bias back on them. Part of the game in debating atheists is to show you won't accept their authoritative attitude during the debate. And they assert this only because without it their premise is weak. As to why you, as a Christian, have to take that on face to face. Learning how to counter the atheist constant posturing to be in control and their constant play on words is 50% the battle in weakening their arguments. Don't let them take control because once they do they will try to assert more control. ~ Issac
What atheist believe evolution did, ~ Issac
A well made point!!! ~ Issac
Living fossils prove evolution wrong.The sea pen is found in the bottom most time era and alive. It is not found in any other layer showing it survived. Not only that it is unchanged aka unevolved. There are over 100 known living fossils. All have the same problems in supporting evolution and that the fossil record was a record of time.1) All over 100 living fossils are only found in one layer. None are found in other layers which would point to the conclusion they survived.
2) All of the over 100 living fossil are unchanged aka unevolved. Regardless of how far down in the record they are found, if found alive they are always unevolved.
3) And because this is observable and repeatable over 100 times. It is real world very strong empirical evidence against evolution.~ Issac
A response to a commonly atheist asked question. ~ Issac
A response to a all too commonly asked atheist question on the Bible concerning incest. ~ Issac
Off topic: Here is the real reason gas prices are so low. A friend of mine does securities and investments so he has to know this stuff for his customers. This is what he told me. ~ Issac
Evolution has better evidence (if you take your belief in evolution personally, I don't recommend that you read the rest. You have been warned)?We have people from both sides of the issue constantly claim that they believe in evolution because of better evidence. There is a reason the evidence looks better is because it's always fresh. Like the doo in the morning when you walk your dog. Or when you clean the cat box. Because there's always more where that come from. ~ Issac

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