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Are atheists as smart as they imply that they are?
This will be a post that will illustrate the atheist ignorance. In their constant attempt to make everyone whom disagrees with them look like morons with their constant ridicule and attempts to demonize. When it comes to actual scientific questions for "real reality" they become what they constantly try to imply that we are.
Atheists claim that evolution explains everything biological. And that they have more answer and conclusions to support their theory than we have for creation, correct? So let's test this shall we?
The major systems of the human body are:
1) Skeletal system: bones give support to the body and its organs
2) Muscular system: moves the body with muscles
3) Nervous system: collects & processes information from the senses via nerves and the brain and tells the muscles to contract to cause physical actions
4) Respiratory system: the lungs and the trachea bring air into the body to sustain life
5) Cardiovascular system: the heart, arteries and veins circulate blood through the body to carry oxygen and nutrients to organs & cells, and carry waste products away from organs & cells
6) Digestive system: processes food with mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines to provide nutrients to sustain life. Has two types of digestion, chemical and mechanical.
7) Excretory system: eliminates wastes from the body; includes the Urinary system
8) Endocrine system: provides chemical communication within the body using hormones
9) Immune system: defends against disease-causing agents (includes the Lymphatic system)
10) Integumentary system: skin, hair, nails, with sweat and other exocrine glands
11) Reproductive system: the sex organs allow the opportunity to create offspring.
Sensory organs
The peripheral organs of the special senses
The organs of taste
The organ of smell
The organ of sight
The tunics of the eye
The refracting media
The accessory organs of the eye
The organ of hearing
The external ear
The middle ear or tympanic cavity
The auditory ossicles
The internal ear or labyrinth
Peripheral terminations of nerves of general sensations
The common integument
The respiratory apparatus
The larynx
The trachea and bronchi
The pleurae
The mediastinum
The lungs
The digestive apparatus
The mouth
The fauces
The pharynx
The esophagus
The stomach
The small intestine
The large intestine
The liver
The pancreas
The urogenital apparatus
Development of the urinary and generative organs
The urinary organs
The kidneys
The ureters
The urinary bladder
The male urethra
The female urethra
The male genital organs
The testes and their coverings
The ductus deferens
The vesiculae seminales
The ejaculatory ducts
The penis
The prostate
The bulbourethral glands
The female genital organs
The ovaries
The uterine tube
The uterus
The vagina
The clitoris
Bartholin's glands
The external organs
The mammae
The ductless glands
The thyroid gland
The parathyroid glands
The thymus
The hypophysis cerebri
The pineal body
The chromaphil and cortical systems
The spleen
The endocrine system
The Pituitary gland
The Pineal
The Thyroid
The Parathyroid
The adrenal
The Islets of Langerhans
The skeletal system
The Carpus
The collar bone
The thigh bone
The Fibula
The humerus mandible
The metacarpus
The metatarsus
The ossicles
The Patella
The Phalanges
The Radius
The skull
The Tarsus
The Tibia
The ulna
The Rib
The Vertebra
The pelvis
The sternum
The Cartilage
In creation these things would be instantly created to work in harmony all at the same time. In the theory of evolution these things supposedly evolved slowly. So would an atheist who believes in evolution like to give us the exact order of how each of these things evolved and why?
You see what the atheists won't tell you about all this, is that most everything on that list interdependent on another organ or system to be already there functioning for it to work. So there is no combination that anyone could work out that would explain any type of order of how just a few things evolved, then a few more things evolved etc...Then it all just suddenly came together and worked as a unit to make the human we observe today.

What this means is when it boils down to the questions that makes a person face real reality of it all, evolution draws the worse card in the room. Because if the order of this complexity could be explained they would have already done it. But they have no idea on where to start except to say that it all started with a single cell.
This is why every animation of evolution mainly shows how the supposed outside easy parts evolved but never the complex parts. Evolution and complexity of life are at odds for a reason. Evolution cannot explain complexity. So their complexity cop out is to say: Time did it. Which by the way is their form of the answer they hate so which is: God did it.

If any atheists comment below this post you will notice not one will attempt to show us the order of how all these things evolved. More than likely for showing them up by asking this question they will instead attempt more ridicule, name calling, and demonizing. It's what they do best when posed with a question that makes them have to face the reality of what they believe. Remember evolution is called a scientific theory because it's supposed to be the best explanation for origins of life. Yet they cannot even begin to answer this which would prove why evolution is a scientific theory. ~ Issac
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Are atheists as smart as they imply that they are? This will be a post that will illustrate the atheist ignorance. In their constant attempt to make everyone whom disagrees with them look like morons...

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Bill Doc LupettiWith only a Thought GOD (JESUS) THE WORD!!! made all this and all that is in Outer Space. Yet a non believer cannot explain the simplest organ without a idiotic explanation. Happy Thanksgiving to All.

1 day ago   ·  9

Ben HermanI love this, so great! It is impossible to put these parts in any form of order for evolution because missing any would imply humans wouldn't survive long at all, probably not even be born.

24 hours ago   ·  4

Kevin MillerMy experience with debating atheists is that the only card they have to play is insults and name calling, they refuse to discuss facts or science

23 hours ago   ·  12

Andrew RalphAmen! God bless you!

22 hours ago   ·  2

Larry KellerAtheists believe their god somehow did it. You see, SOMEHOW, over time, it just developed....I might add, against all odds.

21 hours ago   ·  4

Paul RobinsonThe Gorilla in the room is HOW these develop in the embryo. PUTTING an adult together can be reasonably inferred, but HOW the embryo puts all these pieces into the right place at the right time, with temporary organs that come and go to care for the embryo, is astounding. IF the human body doesn't already astound them. SURELY it was an intelligent and thoughtful creator who stitched it all together.

15 hours ago   ·  2

Fabián Hidalgo HerreraChiva desglose del cuerpo humano , ahora, es sensato decir que un ente creó y desarrolló todos estos complejos sistemas, solo porque no podemos aún explicar su origen ? La manera como se crearon las organélas de las célula por medio de fagocitosis explica muy bien la necesidad de los organismos a dividirse en compartimentos funcionales. Y por cierto la ciencia sabe que no lo sabe todo, eso es lo bonito que siempre habrá cosas por descubrir, sin embargo los teístas lo dejan todo en manos de dios y esa es una alternativa bastante pobre. Si quieren saber de donde vienen estas estructuras, pueden tomar los libros de biología o medicina, no veo cual es el problema. Jose Pablo H Federico Ruiz Ugalde Douglas Víquez Sergio Herrera

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Ser Herrera CalderónNo.!

3 hours ago   ·  1

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Evolution is a Lie shared LibTard's video.

And now, a politically incorrect, yet FACTUAL Thanksgiving
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Rene ErvinHaha..

1 day ago

James KingI really enjoyed this. Thx!

24 hours ago

Brent SmithLol that's great!

23 hours ago

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